Cata. Warrior leveling

What's the deal?

Is fury going to be the standard? with Prot. off spec for dungeons

Or is it going to be Prot for soloing like it was in the mid to late 70's
When I reroll with my friends and make my troll warrior, I'm gonna level as prot. I think it's still good, but fury looks nice too.
Arms and fury is fine for leveling.

15-60 is still superior to dungeon grind as a tank over questing.
15-60 is still superior to dungeon grind as a tank over questing.
Disagree totally. If you're a bad quester its going to be worse but that's a given. Same thing for post 60 its just outland/northrend quests are more localized so if you do things in a bad order it will just have you criss crossing a zone rather than 2 continents.
Questing + questhelper = all sorts of fast and easy leveling from 1-60.

I've been messing around as prot before the shattering, after which I'll remake this character.

Don't really see why you'd go arms or fury when your shield slam takes off half a mob's hp honestly.
I just finished Northrend on this toon as a post patch pve fury warrior and he was outstanding! Prior to patch I wouldn't go near fury spec for pve and instead leveled 1-72 as proc. But as I got further into WOTLK I found way better 2-handers and not so great shields, at least nothing eye catching like the classic pally shields. But a warrior dual-wielding two handers is pure raw power, always impressive, and a welcome addition to any group.

I truly feel both specs would be fine for cata, altho that's pure conjecture on my part. Try both, off-spec cost has been reduced by quite a bit.
I don't know why people ask this. Level however the hell you want. It's not hard, and the best way will be whatever you enjoy the most.

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