End of Innocence (Story)

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(( Hey roleplaying forums! This is the first story I've ever written publicly, so don't kill me to badly, if it's not any trouble. :P

This story is about a young human soldier recently deployed to Northrend, specifically Icecrown. The story starts with the Alliance forces readying to engage the Scourge in the skirmish where the Broken Front is created. ))

Chapter One :
The Broken Front

Vikaria shifted her spot in the saddle, leaning forward to rub her horse's nose in an attempt to calm it as it whinnied anxiously. Her eyes scanned the flat land that went on for many miles, searching for any sign of Scourge movement. Her heart was hammering in her chest from nervousness, anxiety, and even a small thrill of excitement in anticipation of the upcoming combat.

A prod pulled Vikaria from her concentration, and she twisted to the left look at where it came from. With a start, she saw the entire Alliance line moving forward as one, and she quickly spurred her horse into a trot to catch up, her face under the helmet burning with embarrassment. The mounted trooper to her right, a man by the name of Mikal snickered as she caught up, and her face burned even brighter, knowing that her inattentiveness would be the subject of ribbing from her platoon for a long while.


A Horde reconnaissance group watched the Alliance force approach the Scourge position from their camp site on a plateau a short distance away from Mord'rethar. Throughout the Horde force, archers and warriors readied their weapons, preparing to begin the ambush they had set for the Alliance force a few hours ago. When the Alliance and Scourge began to fight, they would strike at the Alliance's flanks, hopefully routing the soldiers and thwarting the Alliance's attempt to gain sole access to Icecrown Citadel.

All was going according to plan.


As the Alliance line neared the Scourge forces, Vikaria gulped and her right hand strayed to the shortsword at her side, and her grip tightened on the reins. For the first time, she was able to get a close up view of the Scourge soldiers. She had heard veterans speaking of the horrors of the Scourge, but she had waved away their words with disbelief. Now, though, she could see they spoke the truth.

The creations of the Lich King were terrible to behold. Ravaged bodies, barely held together with threads of necromantic energy wandered around the broken wasteland around the broken wastelands, forming vast hordes that slowly began to make their way towards the Alliance forces. Giant flesh golems, macabre creations of stitched together bodies allied forth from Mord'rethar. Vikaria shuddered in disgust and terror at the assembled Scourge army.

She looked at the Alliance army in opposition to the Scourge creations, and hope flooded back into her. The Alliance army outnumbered the Scourge three to one, and the siege towers loomed over even the mighty flesh golems. Slightly reassured, Vikaria returned her attention to the Scourge forces.

The man in charge of her unit, Lieutenant Marc Havensword, raised his sword and Vikaria fumbled with the knot keeping her cavalry spear tied to her horse's side, quickly pulling it free and raising it to a combat position.

Lieutenant Havensword barked out a single command, the word her unit had been waiting for.



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