Best PVP Guild Names you've seen.

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Trying to get some ideas and see what people have come up with as of late :P
I have found the best names encompass the guild as a whole.

Names that try to be funny usually are not.

My favorite name so far was from that Post like a week ago, where some kid got rolled by <We Met in Hollywood> and you look at the names in the guild and they all "famous" people.
I didn't copy my guild name and it's awesome

Our name is out of respect from when a Dishonorable Kill or DHK shaved progress from your Rank grinding bar.

<helpww wsss>
<as seen on TMZ>
with my guild roster...

the one we got right now is fine i guess
I don't know about the best, but I'll tell you the worst (mostly due to overuse):

1. All names with PvP & genital references [My pvpness is huge]
2. All names using dead celebrities and how they were "flagged for pvp" [jfk was flagged for pvp]
3. An actress you'd "do", in all caps [MILEY CYRUS IS HOT]
4. (Class NPC) + Trainer [Rogue Trainer]
5. Age of consent [shesaidshewaslegal]
6. Switching of letters just to get away with a dirty phrase [Dig Bix]
7. Phrases about how a battleground will go with a bad group [see above: At least we got stables]
8. Jokes about a popular world event in which lives were lost. (OK some of these are funny at first until every server has the guild on it) [911, Columbine, Haiti, Katrina, etc etc]
9. Copying guild names from threads like these.
BOAts and Hoes
<Sup Durotar>

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