Friday & Monday nights, 10 man guild, mature

Guild Recruitment
Lost Destiny is a new guild on Shattered Hand US, Horde. We are new, but are made up of many veteran players who raided in vanilla, BC & WotLK. We aim to be a very casual, and a very laid back group of friends who understand family time MUST come before game time.

• Our goal is to enjoy the game with adult players intent on doing a lot in a short amount of time. •

Presently we are only raiding on Friday nights, just to have fun and solidify the group, get to know each other.
We are adding a 2nd night (Monday) once raiding begins in Cata.

Instead of posting a wall of text here, I'll quickly high-light some points.
Raid Schedule:
Friday: 10pm EST - 2am EST
Monday: 9:30pm EST - 12:30am EST *(adding this night once we raid in Cata)
• Guild for working adults/family people who like to raid but don't have time to live in the game
• Progression minded, but on a light schedule - we do take the raiding time seriously & look to be competitive in Cata
• Casual, but still expect people to be prepared (on time, flasked, gemmed, enchanted, and know the encounter)
• Be cool & fun, think of raiding on Friday/Monday nights as hanging out with a small group of friends that kill dragons ;)
• 21+ only please

Please feel free to contact us:
- our site * The site is new & under construction, please excuse the clutter
- whisper our GM in game "Chromo" on Shattered Hand US / Horde (or ask if an officer is on)
- email me: RhantsWarrior [at] GMAIL [dot] COM

* Even if you aren't looking to raid, but would like a place to play with like-minded people who are at similar places in life, I'd encourage you to check us out.

** For those who care, after a few weeks of Friday only raids, we're 11/12 ICC regular, 7/12 Heroic. (we ran out of time to start LK attempts)

The raid team is shaping up nicely, but we could use a few more raiders to round out the roster. Full on tanks, but would take a DK or Druid tank with a viable off spec. Ranged DPS all closed, exception being a Warlock.

DK: high
Druid: (bear/feral, only)
Hunter: closed
Mage: closed
Paladin: medium
Priest: closed
Rogue: medium
Shaman: high (resto or enhancement, only)
Warlock: high
Warrior: low

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