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I just read on wow.joystiq.com that blizzard is sending emails to people with inactive accounts and offering them 7 days free play time to rediscover the game. I have another account that I haven't been on in a while and i'd like to get the 7 free days to test a few toons on the account but i havent gotten any emails and there is no option to redeem the free days when log into battle.net, any suggestions?
i do wish they would reward people who actually pay and play rather than people who quit the game.
I know there's a scroll of resurrection ... I forget how it works though.
i do wish they would reward people who actually pay and play rather than people who quit the game.
Why? We are already playing and paying. It's in Blizzards best interests to get people who quit back into the game so that these people will start playing and paying again.
Yeah I have a few accounts, this one which is my main account, and another with a warrior druid and dk on it and it would be nice to get the 7 days to see which toon I want to hit 85 with first without having to pay for 2 accounts at once.
Cast Scroll of Resurrection on a Friend!
Invite a friend that has left World of Warcraft to return with a FREE 10-Day Trial of the Burning Crusade. If your friend reactivates their account and pays for a month of gametime, you will receive a month of WoW FREE! You can only invite someone who was once a paid subscriber and last played the game more than 90 days ago.

There's the details.
@keona, I'm aware of the scroll of resurrection for the free 10 days but what I am talking about is different


please read this post to understand what i'm talking about.

I recently rejoined World of Warcraft after cancelling my account in February 2011. I was part of a recent 7 Day Trail to come back. I enjoyed the first three days, I did do some heroics but I don't see myself continuing with the game due to the mechanics of Tanking Heroics. It's just not fun.

I think I will return once the Firelands patch 4.2 is released and Blizzard improves Crowd Control.
I have 2 accounts combined on my battle net account. I am paying for 1 but i will NOT pay for 2 which makes me wish i could activate the other one for 7 days free? *sigh* =(

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