[VIDEO] Disc PvE Guide (4.0.1)

Spec, Gear, and Glyphs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLxkTLksyA8

Healing Tips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejCGz6oXCqo

Hey folks, Zevia here.

For all you discipline priests who are new to the class, or who have come back after not playing for awhile, these guides are for you. If you're not sure how to spec, gem, or glyph yourself, give the first video a watch.

If you think you know your setup pretty well but would like some advice on how to work the new spells into a rotation, the second video should provide a good base for you to work from.

About evangelism, archangel, atonement, and train of thought:
There have been a number of threads suggesting to skip over all 4 of these talents because "smite healing" is not viable. However, the complaints typically seem to follow a line of thought that smite is the only heal you would be using. For example, there have been some complaints that when everybody has taken damage from a raid-wide AoE, smite's smart heal is unreliable.

Do remember that as far as healing is concerned, smite is only meant to replace your heal spell, not everything, and even then, only for tanks and melee. Essentially, in cases where you could cast heal, it is more beneficial to cast smite. If you would not use the heal spell, then odds are you would not be using smite, so any arguments claiming that smite is useless because it can't fill every role are not approaching the new talents with the proper mindset.

I've also seen arguments that with the nerf to archangel, it's no longer worth smiting for the mana returns. However, again, the argument is too narrow of a focus. While it may cost you more mana to cast smite 5 times and use archangel than it did before, it's still cheaper than using your heal spell. You are also making the fight end that much sooner by contributing some extra damage, which helps your mana pool in a slightly more roundabout way.

In addition, casting smite reduces the cooldown on penance, which is your bread-and-butter heal after power word: shield.

In short, it is ill-advised to skip the various smite talents for PvE environments. It brings a great deal of utility that seems to often be overlooked - which, if you recall, was exactly what happened with power word: shield and disc priests in general until around patch 3.2.

UPDATES (Last updated 11/16/2010):
- The Healing Tips video mentions that archangel's bonus healing will affect power word: shield. This is in error.
- Power Word: Barrier will be changed to be, in effect, an AoE pain suppression. This makes the glyph of Power Word: Barrier a bit more attractive since it will have a guaranteed 10 second uptime.
- Some of the percent values for evangelism and archangel have been reduced on the beta.
- Due to some confusion over whether you should reforge to haste or mastery, I have included this bit from Revitalize's post in the old thread:
Since Borrowed Time delivers less haste than it used to give us, you need more haste than you did 3.3
While mastery is important, getting the appropriate number of shields off in GCDs is more important.
Please don't comment on people's reasoning if you don't know how to understand it properly.
More haste = Faster GCDs, more renew ticks, and quick prayer of healing, and penance.

Quoted from : http://elitistjerks.com/f77/t105330-cataclysm_healing_priest_theorycrafting/p3/#post1772794

Assuming +5% Raid Buff Haste, and +14% Borrowed Time, and varying the Darkness talent, the result is:

Disc Haste Soft Cap------Percent-----Haste Rating at lvl80
With 3 Darkness-----------21.66%--------------711
With 2 Darkness-----------22.86%--------------750
With 1 Darkness-----------24.07%--------------790
With 0 Darkness-----------25.31%--------------831

And without the +5% raid buff:

Disc Haste Soft Cap------Percent-----Haste Rating at lvl80
With 3 Darkness-----------27.75% --------------910
With 2 Darkness----------- 29.00% --------------951
With 1 Darkness----------- 30.28% --------------993
With 0 Darkness----------- 31.58% --------------1036

Once you have reached the haste cap, reforging to mastery is the next priority. Please consult the above chart to see when you have reached that cap.
As Cataclysm approaches, I'm mindful of how I'll be updating these video guides, but I wanted to ask everyone:

I've been getting great feedback on the videos via Youtube comments and subscribers, but feedback on the forums has been somewhat sparse. I'm concerned that it's the video format that may be somewhat offputting to people, so what are your guys' opinions?

Do you prefer text-only guides? Are the videos just as helpful? Would there be any demand for a mix of both video and text? The videos tend to take a lot of time and effort to make compared to simply writing out a guide, but I think they're a unique and more entertaining way to convey all the information.
I love the video guides. Keep 'em coming!
Great guide!!
Wonderful! Thank you ^.^
I'd personally be more likely to skip over this guide in favor of finding a text guide I can look through for the info I needed at that time than sit and watch a video full of info I don't need to get the stuff I do. Though I can see where some people would like videos better. /shrug
Once you have reached the haste cap, reforging to mastery is the next priority. Please consult the above chart to see when you have reached that cap.

This showcases the difficulty writing a 'guide' for content no one has ever actually played.

At 85 for Discipline:
189 Crit Rating = 1%
128 Haste Rating = 1%
71.6 Mastery Rating = 1%

For PW:S, you get the full benefit from Mastery. For Prayer of Healing, you receive 30% of the benefit plus 15% * critical rate (if your critical rate is 15%, you'd receive 32.5% of the benefit). For other spells, you receive 45% * critical rate of the benefit (at 15% critical, you receive 6.75% of the benefit). So:

PW:S 71.6 Mastery Rating = 1%
PoH 220.3 Mastery Rating = 1%
Other 1060.7 Mastery Rating = 1%

So obviously the mixture of spells will matter a great deal. You also have to consider that haste doesn't reduce cooldowns and only impacts Renew/Penance on breakpoints (every 25% for Renew, every 50% for Penance).

However, the most important consideration is that we're using WotLK-era considerations. In a situation where mana is not an issue, throughput is everything. If a situation where mana is an issue, mana efficiency is everything.

If the latter situation applies, that means haste isn't even in the running. Both critical and mastery would be better than haste simply because haste doesn't improve mana efficiency at all.
Good points, Calaris, but that's also why I intend to update the guide as I get more information and get the opportunity to toy around with the spec some more at 85. These videos were made with the idea in mind that Cataclysm still had 2 months to go before it came out and disc priests would want a more updated base to work from than the 3.3.2 guide.
This is a fantastic guide to follow! however one small request, would you mind to put the spec described as a link with glyphs and so forth. I did watch the video and loved it but i need it all sitting in front of me for me to grasp it. ty ahead of time
Here you go, Keedri: http://cata.wowhead.com/talent#bfGorRsbcRMo0h:qmZd

Empty glyph slots means there are multiple choices or it doesn't really matter.

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