Profession Stat Perks - Leatherworking?

In Cataclysm, most professions give 80 str/agi/int or 120 stam. Leatherworking lets you replace a normal bracer enchant with 130 str/agi/int or 195 stam. It's set up to give 80 too, but the problem is the bracer enchants it replaces: 65 crit, 65 haste, 50 hit, 50 expertise, 50 spirit, or 50 dodge. Trading these rating enchants for "pure" stats is a much larger increase than other professions.

This also happened at the beginning WotLK on a smaller scale. Until patch 3.0.8 added +40 stamina to bracers, tanks felt obligated to reroll Leatherworking because it gave 90 stamina on bracers instead 15 expertise or 12 defense rating. It was a huge advantage.

Is Blizzard ok with this? Or are they going to fix it again after everyone has dropped other professions for Leatherworking?

The obvious solution is to make/change normal bracer enchants to 50 str, 50 agi, 50 int, 75 stam. As boring as this sounds, it will be less boring than everyone being a Leatherworker.
All professions are not made equal. They will have minor variances among each other. If the stat difference makes a plate melee go leatherworking because of the stat buff, then so be it. Choosing a profession is more than just extra gold or extra stats, as proven by engineering and by the Druid's comment on wanting to make his own pvp sets on each upgrade. Btw more leatherworkers playing drums would be nice.
If LW turns out to be to powerful, it will be fixed. In your example, a stamina enchant was added near the beginning of the expansion. However, I don't think Blizzard likes creating tanking specific enchants, which is why that stamina enchant was left out in the first place.

Meanwhile, it seems to me that the LW perks are geared perfectly for leather-wearing classes. So if tanks start picking up LW for the extra stamina, Blizzard will make changes. If cloth wearer pick up LW for the extra intellect, Blizzard will make changes. But 4 of the 10 classes should be attracted to LW, and I don't think this will be an issue.
And this is way chasing the Flavor of the Month profession is bad news. It's always changing, so you're always dropping and re-leveling professions. Remember in Burning Crusade when whole guilds were taking up leatherworking to stack the drums? So of course they nerfed it.
And all the cloth wearers were leveling tailoring for T5 equivelant crafted gear. I dropped herbalism on my warlock so I could raid.

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