Shockadins in PVP

I'm wondering if anyone else is having as much fun as I am as a holy pally in PVP. I'm just scared we're getting a big nerf soon. I mean getting over 3mil healing done and 12 kbs in a bg, is it to much? >< lol but seriously I know there are a few changes coming but I hope we aren't getting changed too much.
holy power generation nerf will hurt. silences will mean something again after that. We will still be great healers when not focused by 5 people.
Everything gets adjusted. I will wait until a month or two after release of Cata to fear a big nerf. For now just do as I am doing and have fun messing with Shockadin. If we do get nerfed I doubt it will be due to shockadins specifically. There are not enough willing to try it and out of those who do most will probably use it for pvp and even less people who bring it into a raid will be so successful that Blizzard will bring a nerf bat down becase "We are breaking the class". So until a Blue comes in and tell us to stop or let us know that we are going out of their comfort zone for the spec just go have fun!
The change to a few talents will stop the "O Pally's are impossible to kill" kids whine. The problem in pvp is people don't think a lot of times and try to play this style of pvp as it were a FPS they wanna just blow someone up and if that doesn't work then its "OP". I rarely get smart players using silences followed by fears or stun.

Shockadin dmg won't get nerfed and our healing won't get nerfed as it just got a massive and needed buff for lvl 85 but if anything gets more nerfing after the recent ones on beta it will be to our survivability BUT I don't see them messing with Holy for a good while honestly.
Ya the changes to holy power generation will suck a bit but overall I don't think that will stop my fun lol. Thanks for the comments guys!

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