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-Issue: When I try to open my launcher it keeps saying this : ''Launcher cannot obtain patching information. Please check your internet configuration.''

-Before it hapenned: I usually use the launcher even to come to the website, so I opened it and came to the login page of the client. The client started updating so I've let it go. Then again the client closed to Blizz Downloader, everything fine the patch dowloaded, no problem. The issue started when I tryied to reopen the Launcher, it doesn't work and the message above appears.

-What I've already did to try to fix it: I deletedd my cache,WTF and UI even if I don't think it can affect the Launcher at all. I went to see my firewall, in case it would have blocked a file or something, but no, I had set it so Blizz can do anything they want in my computer, no problem there.

-What I'll try after posting this: I'm gonna try to delete manually the new patch file, and download it again. I'll update this tread as needed.

*English isn't my first speaking language, so there WILL be mistakes in this message, I know it and I'm sorry for the lack of understanding it may bring. If needed, I'll try to explain differently.*
I was having that error, but it seems to be fixed now. Try again?
Yes, the problem seems to be fixed now. I still have deleted and redownloaded the patch before it was, though.
My husband and I also experienced this issue today on two different computers, we did a repair and it seemed to fix the issue. I am sureit is just a quirk that will get ironed out.
Well I didn't wanted to go through the whole WoW-Repair process, so I just deleted the files of the patch and re-download it. But that is also a good idea.

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