Problems tanking old content?

So, I just want to ask and see if anyone else has experienced something like this recently.

Last night, for grins, a few of my guild mates and some level 70-76s went in to try to 15 man Sunwell. Everything was going pretty well, until we got to Felmyst.

Here was my experience time after time:

1) the hunter MD's to me, I start with a Heroic Throw and a Demo Shout before he/she lands
2) I try to keep up my rotation, which is hard since I have almost no rage at all. Everyone else is waiting to come in for at least 10-20 seconds. (my rage bar sits at 6-8 for sometimes up to 10 seconds at a time)
3) I watch first dps, then even healers top my chart on Omen and nothing I'm doing is helping at all, and worse, they can't seem to back off enough to even allow me to catch up to them (that's the point that the healers start to take over aggro).

I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever had this big an issue with holding aggro in single target tanking. Was something changed recently that I wasn't aware of? Or does anyone have some advice?

Before anyone lays in, yes, I'm in doing all the things you'd expect a tank to be doing, and since I was rage starved I was prioritizing my rotation around cheap+high threat as best I could, so revenge, free Shield Slams+Shield Block, and devestates. I also tried to put rend up to keep an extra tick moving. Seriously nothing happens on Omen, and everyone else just ran me down like a pack of hyenas. The only thing that made me even slightly less uncomfortable with it was that the DK tank that was also there had the same problem (but to a lesser degree) when he tanked her/him.
When they re-introduced the rage normalization, one of the things they said is that tanking old content is going to be harder because of rage starvation. As a tank, your rage generation comes primarily from damage taken. The new rage from hits formula looks at the amount of damage taken from a blow as a percentage of total health.

My best recommendation for tanking old content is to get rid of all your all avoidance gear because dodges and parries and misses will deprive you of the block bonus rage and the damage. Also strip off some armor and get rid of a lot of stamina gear so that your health pool is lower. Stamina increases your maximum vengeance bonus, but if you're not getting hit often and hard enough, that bonus won't be helpful anyway.

In a funny way, Blizzard has made it so that the warrior who is having the hardest time staying alive as a tank will have the greatest amount of rage.

I'm surprised about the DK tank having problems because they don't have the rage issue.

If he was switching specs, did he remember to go into Blood Presence? I forget sometimes at the start of a raid and it leads to some pretty scary times :)
His issues were probably more based on the lethargic climb of vengeance more than any lack of resources. He had sufficient snap aggro, but his aggro didn't build as fast as he's used to, which made it look like the dps were outstripping him, but he never actually lost aggro.

I on the other hand basically lost aggro to no fewer than 3 dps (and at least 1 healer) each pull. And since she's not tauntable, it was probably the most frustrating tanking experience I've had in a while.

I'll give your idea about swapping out for some less avoidance gear to see if that helps. On a side note, I thought they were making these changes so that this wouldn't be something we had to deal with in the future?

Well, just goes to show what I know.
I havent had any problems with Vanilla content, nor with TBC dungeons. Soloing that is, but Im assuming its even easier with a group.
I would consider your idea, but this type of raiding evening is something we only do once in a blue moon, and it's not worth it to me to be swapping out of a standard raiding spec just because we do old content one night.

So, maybe I should set some ground rules on the advice I'm looking for, I'm not interested in spending extra gold to re-spec and re-design gear for an occasional night in old content raids, I'm just wondering if there are things that can be done to assist in this specific kind of situation. the earlier suggestion about swapping out for some dps gear seems like a reasonable idea that I'm going to try next week when we do this again.

Re: the enchants you're referring to - were apparently lost at some point by one of the patch updates. However, the problems I was encountering won't be "fixed" magically by adding enchants to my hands or feet. I've been doing this long enough to know the difference between a "tweaking" needed and when something is going horribly wrong.
Wear DPS gear. Makes it much less painful.
Dungeons are one thing. Even soloing some raid content is not too bad. The point is "Can you keep aggro off of a first rate dps who is also in that content with you?"

It's fairly simple to keep aggro off everyone else when you're the only one there.
I had the same problem in sunwell on fellmyst even the bear tank could not pull threat off of our nom heroic geared boomkin. It felt really strange no matter what we did we just couldn't keep aggro.

We ended up just allowing the boomkin to tank lol.
Wear DPS gear. Makes it much less painful.

I only wear 2pc t10 tanking when grouping old content. Rest is 264+ PVE DPS gear with 2pc wrathful(legs/gloves).

I really dont notice rage starvation. If you have the healers, this content is a joke to wear DPS gear on.
Wear DPS gear. Makes it much less painful.

I only wear 2pc t10 tanking when grouping old content. Rest is 264+ PVE DPS gear with 2pc wrathful(legs/gloves).

I really dont notice rage starvation. If you have the healers, this content is a joke to wear DPS gear on.

Yeah, 2pc T10 is worth wearing in a dated content set, but thats it. Pretty much full DPS gear or bust IMO.

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