All Twinks: BG Merge is working, games poppin

See title. Make sure to queue up, especially you, 70s!!
Just curious, what should level 70s que for? Random or like WSG?
Seems most people are queuing randoms, had an EoTS pop about half an hour ago but nothing since then.

Would be nice to get WSGs going, we have enough people for that, it was 8Av14H in the EoTS.
I'll bet alliance still won though :)

Been queued for 26 mins, nothing so far.

And no, we didnt win :(

Played about 5 games so far tonight, and we've been getting rolled... the Horde twinks seem to have better gear and teamwork. Not to mention their prot pallys are dominating

We'll get it together though.. twinks Q up!
BG merge is NOT completely working.

29s got a pop and ended 4v3. Players who got a pop say it immediately disappeared and they weren't able to requeue to enter. Game ended due to lack of players and those who managed to make it in received a 15m deserter.

Low level pvp doesn't matter.
Low level pvp doesn't matter.

And cue the trolls.
Low level pvp doesn't matter.

ur a rogue u dont matter its ok beat on heals and watch them not die
10-19 is popping fast..often under 3-5 mins if not instant. been a refreshing return after BG merge. about time!
How is lv70 twinking? Do you guys 2shot each other? I've been interested in making one, but not if I'll only be alive for 2 seconds.
How is gearing exactly supposed to go?

For my PvP gear I was going to put +20 res gems in the yellow sockets and +10 agi +10 res gems in red sockets for the defense res gives. Right now ungemmed I'm at 260 res with no trinkets and 3/5 merc, 3 vindicator off pieces.
Low level pvp doesn't matter.

Are we going to have to hear this in every post about twinking?

ATTN 80s: Twinks are more fun than end game. You don't grind gear for the sake of grinding gear. You get gear, and pvp.
aka me :)

/dang gem colors changing made me lose a socket bonus!
I've had 3 ques so far.

These games are so euphoric. I've not had as much fun in PvP at level 80 as I have at level 70.
So far all my games horde has won.

It was just so amazing though. the sound of blades clashing as I stealthed behind the paladin healers in the mobs of people, silencing and stabbing at them. While at the same time I was being locked down by their defense and my own healers were keeping me up. I can't wait till I get more PvP gear. This is so much fun.

Oh look! BG que! be back later! :P

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