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I read the entire OP and still didn't see it, make it bigger.
I added sparkles to it. That better? :P

However, I don't really understand why this thread exists. Are there people really that lazy that they don't research a class/race before rolling? I have several alts. All are different races and classes. When I get bored with one I play another and then go back to it. It's not like you are locked into a race/class. This thread maybe useful to some people, I just don't get it.

You must be new to this forum, and since you don't understand how this is useful, then I can assume you never saw the old forum. It's not that people are lazy or that they don't research a class or race before rolling it.

If you actually read my thread, you'd see that this is for new players as well as veterans. Newbies don't always know where to start, so using this questionnaire can help them find a good starting point for a class they might enjoy. People who are altoholics can get some help figuring out which class they'd truly click with for another 20 levels. Veterans who are on the fence between two classes can get an outside opinion on what they should roll next.

Also if you read the thread, you'd see WHY I posted this in the first place. People frequently come here and ask "What's the best class?" or "What class should I roll?" which is followed by "Well what do you want to do and what do you enjoy?" from the regulars. This banter often goes back and forth for several posts until we FINALLY drag out the right information or detail that says "Dude, you like being sneaky with sharp objects - try a rogue." The banter is obnoxious after the umpteenth time, and it got pretty bad in the old forum. So I made this questionnaire to clean things up and get to the point faster in those threads.

By using the questionnaire, we can see the details and pin down a class without wasting time trying to drag details out of the OP. The only downfall is people that don't READ THE THREAD fully and keep asking about the best class, survivability, etc or that give useless one-word or vague responses.
Yup, saw the old forums. :)

It just seems too easy to me.
Too easy? As in, it's too easy to ask for help and people should be forced to sift through the class whining and tantrums that span multiple patches in order to figure out how a class works and THEN make a decision to try it?

Uphill in the snow, both ways, eh? There's no harm in asking for help, and no matter what happens this forum is going to continually have those threads, so we might as well handle them more efficiently for both parties.
Oh! Now I get it. Thanks. :)
Bumping for Monday!
Bumping for Monday!

I second this motion
Frejya is a night elf babe? I thought she was a dragon.
Frejya is a night elf babe? I thought she was a dragon.

The MVP's had special avatars in the old forums (and I think they'll be reinstated here) but that doesn't affect anything about their character.
*sprinkles colored rice*

Please sticky this! Many new threads asking about what class!

- Corylyn/Wynnoa, Wyrmrest Accord
Sunday bump.
Here it is, this thread was hiding and I couldn't find it. But I found it.
im having probs choosing a class and i took that test....5 times and i got druid? well, guess im goin furry!

Add that in your questionnaire. :)
12/09/2010 11:13 AMPosted by Tyraeli

Add that in your questionnaire. :)

It's already on the front page, and that questionnaire has absolutely nothing to do with the actual gameplay of the classes so I don't put any practical value into it. For RP, yes. For actual gameplay, no.
So I guess the question would be, what is the best race/class combination for ERP?
Up we go!
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Happy Winter Veil!
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