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Aik, please edit out and/or delete your post so this thread doesn't derail. Read the giant warning on the first post - you're supposed to copy/paste the questions into YOUR OWN thread. Not here.

Edit: Thankies!
Bumpage for reroll weather!
Dude! this isn't stickied yet? Seriously? C'mon now Lylirra (/poke /poke /tickle), I know you're hiding over there in the corner silently watching the shenanigans unfold....just click on that little button that say's "Make Sticky." :-)
Ice-ran-out-of-coffee-and-chocolate-eggs bump!
This list helped me a lot. Maybe this one could be stickied, too?
04/05/2011 05:34 PMPosted by Agner
This list helped me a lot. Maybe this one could be stickied, too?

That's what IceyDee keeps hoping, but I gotta say, it looks pretty unlikely at this point. Thing has been bumped so much it's all black and blue.
bumping for the helpfulness
Bumping this baby back up to the top. Hopefully it gets a sticky soon.
Congrats Ice on the sticky!
huzzah! Now we can point to the sticky instead of having to dig for it
Oh holy *!%*.
Finally. Thanks mods!
did it two times got pally and a pally was my my first 70!
07/11/2011 06:13 AMPosted by Currentz
Icedragon I would appreciate if you look at my thread which is a response to yours and suggest a class that you think is right for me (:

Looks like the other posters here have already helped you. I don't post in every one of the class threads :P
what about the class' population? moar DK(for e.g) means competition for to go to raid ?

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