Gettin Wrecked by Warriors (Ret)

As the post implies I'm having a tough time with warriors particularly arms. If Avenging Wrath is on cool down I usually whittle 'em down low and then they make some sort of sudden come back. They usually even heal a bunch too. (Note: Prot Warriors are not an issue)

Due to the healing debuff it feels like healing is the wrong way to go but they push it out the damage so fast that when I try and turn it in to a race they just win out by smashing me harder and faster with less predictable burst. (I mean really it's like everyone knows by now that I can't get a good swing on Templar's Verdict for at least ten seconds)

I wrote this post less as QQ and more about finding advice so that I can learn successful strategies other Retribution Paladins are using.

Keep in mind this post is about fighting warriors with about average item level 255+.

Thanks in advance.
Honestly? Sad truth is the smart choice would be to spec Prot.

However, if you are adamant about staying Ret, it's possible to beat them. Even with MS, healing is smarter than TV. The advantage we have over Arms is our ability to heal. Use Bubble to clear bleeds and heal if you get low, but you'll probably only get off one FoL before they shatter it.

It's a slow fight, use WoG for pretty much every 3 HP situation and HoL proc unless you're at 80% health or higher. Luckily, Throwdown, Imp Hamstring, and Intimidating Shot give you Holy Power thanks to PoJ. Just chip away at them, HoJ and Repentance pretty much on CD and use the opportunity to heal, and don't let them catch you casting.
I stack enough haste that before I get low health I have enough holy power to heal full. My fol cast time is super fast too so I get full health if I have to bubble.
I really appreciate the advice. Do you think I should save the trinket for their stun or the fear that's gonna come when I try to flash of light?
the knockdown will eat your trinket unless you use it when you have stood back up, just so you know.
U can still perform actions while getting up. So mash that wog button. Also don't worry about the fear its just free hp. If u follow the warrior good enough, the only charge ull get on u is the fear one.

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