[A] Cata 10M LF 1mdps 1hybrid 12/12h

Guild Recruitment
Greetings potential guildies!

<How Many Licks> -- www.HowManyLicks.net

Maiev server, Alliance side. -- Maiev is a small population PVP server that is somewhat Horde dominated.

We are currently recruiting for Cataclysm raiding. We will be raiding 10 man content, most likely with an 11-12 person core of raiders. Your family, friends, and alts are also welcome to join as social members and do alt/social runs.

Raid times will be 6:00 - 10:00 PST (server) which is 9:00 - 1:00 EST.

Raid days will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with an as-needed Sunday depending on available content and what we are working on. To clarify, we will always raid on Tuesday and continue on Wed, Thrus, and Sunday until we have cleared for the week, ending on whichever day we run out of content.

We are looking to recruit adult raiders only, sorry kiddos! We are serious about progression and expect server first, however we want to raid with people we enjoy being around. The advantage of 10 man is that you can be a tight knit crew.

Since we are forming the guild from scratch for Cataclysm, we don't actually have any "guild" achievement to tell you! The founders of the guild have cleared all current content and have experience leading guilds. Currently we range from "Light of Dawns" to brand new 80s who we know are good players and offered to reroll for cataclysm. We WILL be server first. We are competitive, but want people who can have fun and we will enjoy spending this much time with :)

Ventrillo is required.

This is what we need:

1 Melee DPS -- Not a cat.

1 Hybrid -or- Healer -- We are looking for either a DPS who doesn't mind healing on 3-healer fights, or someone who wants to be a dedicate healer. Our preference would be NOT a druid or shaman. We currently have no raiding priest!

What we don't need: More druids!

What we would also love: People who are interested in a more secondary raiding role, filling in holes when needed, but often running with alts & socials, etc. Basically people who are good enough to help out when needed, but who know they probably won't be in the main raiding group for most boss every week.

We value loyalty and are not looking for fairweather raiders and guild hoppers.

And as always... Adults only, positive attitudes, and hey... being social doesn't hurt either

We don't want drama, backstabbers, loot#%@!#s, e@##@s, stalkers, and other undesirable types.

Talk to any guildie in game with questions :) That website again is: www.HowManyLicks.net
uuum.... bump
Nifty new avatars make me smile :) Bump!
yea the avatars are awesome, im ashamed of this toons achievement points though. brb exploring
Look! We need different stuff now!
Love how the title says "LF ADULTS.." when the MT who hasn't tanked since Uld, little Kevin is 19 and acts such. It's even more comical how he particulary dissects apps previous experience when his is very lacking.
Hello Krunsh,

Clearly you're bitter about being denied, but the fact that you choose to flame our recruitment thread reassures me that we made the right choice.

And no, Kevin is not 19 LoL

Best of luck in your guild search :)
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