Possible Loremaster of Kalimdor bug?

Before today's maintenance (Nov 16), my Loremaster of Kalimdor quest count was at 681/700. I do know that sometimes logging in and off the game may change your achievement quest count occasionally, but I logged in and off the game fine with quest count at 681/700 throughout the week. When logging in post-maintenance, I noticed it went down to 679/700.

Does the 4.0.3 bring about the removal of certain Kalimdor quests? I thought Blizzard is not going to make any preliminary changes before 4.0.3a?
i would like to know also i lost 20 quest from this
I have noticed that sometimes quests count extra times and then later get fixed. Several of my AQ scepter quests counted as '2' quests done when tracking the seeker [I don't much enjoy questing, hence it not being done] then later the number was fixed. It could be that some quest(s) you did got counted as multiple quests and the bug wasn't fixed until this patch.
I was wondering why I dropped from 500 to 499. Makes sense. fortunately I didn't lose as much as others.
A friend of mine was also having trouble with this, she's ~30 quests off and can't figure it out either. Glad I got mine last year. :/

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