[BUG] Ironforge event mobs stopped spawning

Bug Report
So, the elementals stopped spawning. Therefore, we couldn't kill the rifts. So no bosses afterwards. :(

Stormreaver server.
same happened in Stormwind and Ironforge this afternoon. at the 3:00PM server time on Wisperwind
Perenolde Server, Ironforge, 7 p.m. server time invasion. Same thing. Again.

11/16: Ironforge on Undermine @ 5pm server time.
The past two invasions saw zero rifts spawned in Ironforge for the Maelstrom realm. Stormwind works fine so far.
Bronzebeard suffers from a non-invasion as well. Perhaps we've destroyed every single elemental on the planes ;-)
Stomwind has been working on Turalyon, but Ironforge was bugged at least twice today.

Basically the elite elementals didn't spawn in Ironforge and the rifts were impossible to close.
Double post
IF has been bugged all day today on Executus. Very unfortunate as I've like the back off Princess.
On Greymane I have not seen any portion of the event since the patch launched. No invasion at all in SW or IF. Since I wasn't able to log in this week until post patch today I have not seen any of the invasion. Hope this gets fixed soon.
No rifts spawned in Ironforge on blackhand. The citizens were still trapped, and once we freed them, the event was counted as completed.
Scarlet Crusade server as well. Rifts would spawn but nothing came out of them. Happened twice that I saw today and only in Ironforge.
its been the past 2 days+ on executus.... ironforge is the only one that will not work, which means no gods damned princess. horde is still able to queue for her
Boulderfist server 7:00pm 11/18
On Zul'Jin as well - be nice if we could get some kind of Blue response on this issue. Its been going on since servers came back up after patch. I have not seen any Blue Posts regarding this issue. Come on guys, really slacking on this since it is effecting just about all servers.
currently experiencing it on Bloodscalp right now. Very frustrating because it's been all day. Also bugging me is that it's saying in some districts there are still trapped citizens. Anyone getting that in IF as well?
I haven't seen the Ironforge invasion on Whisperwind not bug. And I have no life.

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