[BUG] Jaina's Locket

Bug Report
Since the patch today, party members can't take the portal I make with Jaina's Locket. They get a "You can't use that item" error message.
From what i understand same thing happens with mage portals
I think the change is that you must remain in the instance or world that you put the portal down in until everyone takes it or those left behind will not be able to. I can't be sure whether it's a bug or an intended change, although I really don't see the need if it were intended.
hmm, that's possible. I took the portal as soon as I put it down, and then people told me they couldn't use it. I'll try it with letting others use it first when the cooldown's up.
So yah, it works as long as I haven't taken the portal already. Different than pre-patch at any rate, hope it changes back (I don't like waiting :P)
This same 'bug/feature' has also broken the Dire Brew Remote Mole Machine. Worked in 4.0.1, broken in 4.0.3. Guess it's using a shared mechanic.

Edit: Should I make a separate thread for the mole machine? Seems pretty clearly related.

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