Which bg do you guys like best, WSG or Isle?

BfG and TP are just "Arena" versions of AB and WSG. Instead of fixing LoS issues in current BGs, they made new BGs that cater to the pillar hiding mentality of Arena.

Not to offer too much disdain there, since it is not something I have done nor will do - and I do give credit to those that are good at it because they deserve the credit for the work they put into being good at it... it still reminds me a little too much of a toddler and his mother playing peek-a-boo.

Lol - "Peek-a-boo, I pew pew you!"

So it is your contention that PvP is more dynamic when everyone is out in the open unloading everything like a dps rotation?

Well, I suppose you are a ranged class.

Not in the least. I believe in judicial use of cover. But there is a world of difference between using cover and chasing somebody around an LoS object...like the toddler chasing the mother around a recliner.

I am not putting down the folks that do Arena in the least - stated that I definitely give them credit for putting the effort in and being good at it.

It is simply a case of having a difficult time not laughing at the pillar thing and all the analogies that come to mind.

I am a firm believer in Blizzard needing to fix LoS issues in BGs. Somebody moving back on a ledge, moving behind a hill, etc... just do not call to mind the same image as somebody running around a pillar, rock, or hut. I mean, c'mon - cue the Benny Hill theme already.

As for the ranged comment, do not have a sig here. I only have 5 80s - Warlock, Shaman, Paladin, Death Knight, and Warrior. I leveled the Shaman to 70 as Enhancement back in BC - and then to 80 in LK. Only changed him to Elemental earlier this year. But for the most part, I have played melee. I use this guy for the forums because he was the only toon I took to 60 back in Vanilla.
If you're bad or like to RP, then IoC and AV are the maps for you!

If you like competitive pvp... everyone knows its WSG/AB > Eots >>>>>>>>>>>>others
One is a 10 man and one is a 40 man. It's not really comparable. That said, we had IOC for CTA this last weekend and it was incredibly fun - because I was in a premade. I have no issues solo queueing for WSG because win or lose, it's small enough for you to have an impact on the outcome. In IoC you need a good team, if everyone is doing their own thing or own strat it's just miserable.
WSG > AB > EotS > AV > SotA > IoC
I like WSG and IoC the best. I'm not a fan of EOTS at all. And I am fine if I get AB or AV. AV used to be my favorite but it's more of a race to see who can zerg the quickest now. Seems that alliance on my battlegroup wins most of the time.

To me Isle of Conquest is the best one. I like the beating down walls thing the best.
Remove everything that has vehicles( and maybe AV too) and I'd be a happy camper.
Personally I like WSG because it places the greatest emphasis on actual PvP combat. Can't wait for Twilight Highlands, as it looks like WSG improved in every way.

I like healing AV turtles because it feels like you are carrying an entire team (well, you are) and making slow but sure progress down the field is epic but if there are no good healers available it is just two lines of casters with a 20yd gap in the middle where melee can't poke their head out into without being instantly destroyed. I would like to see the PvE aspects (summoning bosses, quests) emphasized again. It would make AV unique, there are X other BGs for you to choose from if you prefer some other kind of PvP combat. AV just feels so lukewarm, much like IoC. Also redesign the map, blame it on Deathwing.

SotA is the absolute worst BG in my opinion. I regularly instantly leave the bg when it comes up in random and I know others who do the same. Player vs. Vehicles is not enjoyable for me, and SotA favors ranged classes to the point where you wouldn't take a single melee player for a premade if you could find 15 ranged/healers.

AB and EotS are somewhere in the middle for me. I enjoy both and they have great potential when you're playing with a good team. Ninjaing a base 1v1 or 1v2 in a clutch situation is a great feeling. I look forward to the Gilneas BG as well.
Wsg and AB. Eye can be good too, but the noob magnet hurts that game.
As a rogue my prefs are: WSG, EotS, AB, IoC, AV, SotA. Im learning to like AV more as its fun to camp Iceblood Tower or Tower Point. I really dont need to be in the zerg.

As a prot warrr: AB, AV, WSG, IoC, EotS, SotA. On my warr in can rush in hoping I get focused (and have a heals) and do what prot do.

I have SotA last, but I actually like that bg. Its different in the fact that its not about killin other people as it is teaming up to kill tanks or dig in at the yellow gate and turn them away wave after wave. My rogue doesnt have much of a role in SotA outside of driving tanks or watching the graveyard.
I wish they would take everything out but WSG and AB and just add some more maps with those same game modes. I get bored with everything else. Ironically I dont find enough PvP in the rest.

I agree with this. AB and WSG are my 2 favorites by far.

Strand and the Isle I dislike, just like I dislike WG. I'm not a fan of vehicles in pvp. It clutters things up and tends to remove any and all skill from the game.
On my Mage (as I don't PvP on my Paladin much anymore), I find it depends on my spec.

I think Frost is really fun and shines in small BGs where controlling one or two enemies for long periods of time can change the pace of battle. When I get WSG, I automatically swap to Frost. That way, I can burst down the EFC (lol Ice Lance spam) or stop people chasing our FC. In AB, I can hold off a group of Allies until help arrives. As Frost in big BGs, I find my freezes break so fast that it's almost worthless.

As Fire, I can play in pretty much any BG, but it's really fun to LB the nearest 3 targets, Dragon's Breath a mob to stop them at a choke or at Galv, and basically just apply a decent amount of damage and pressure to large groups. In smaller BGs, yeah I can probably fight anyone even 1 on 1, but it's much more concentrated and individuals are more likely to get heals and dispelled.

What was the point of that post? I think preference not only depends on the type of BG or size, but also the character playing. On my old Warlock, I loved AV because I'd just DoT up everything in sight and then drop an Infernal on them, giggling the whole time. On my Feral druid (who is retired now, sadly) I loved ninja'ing towers in AV and pouncing on single defenders in AB, BGs where I could do the most good by being a sneaky SOB.

On my Mage, though, I prefer

AB > WSG > EotS > AV > Strand > IoC
1. AB
2. WSG

EOTS is kind of a poor man's AB..

I don't care particularly for the other BGs..

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