Exarch's Elekk

So now that we have 4.0.3 up on live and I still do not see my Exarch's Elekk on the trainer I am assuming it won't ship until Cata because it will be in the Cata game files? Anyone have confirmation on that? Or will it be released with 4.0.3a(the Shattering)?
4.0.3a is very likely when that'll be put in. 4.0.3a brings about the Shattering, all the old dungeon changes, the new race/class combos... pretty much everything you get without actually buying Cataclysm. This will include the Exarch's Elekk and Sunwalker Kodo.

Why the Elekk didn't go in with the class changes in 4.0.1, though, mystifies me a little.
pretty sure your regular charger just kind of changes.

I don't like the big mounts, so i'll stick with my argent charger unless the exarch's Elekk is REALLY badass.
Yeah, your regular Charger is replaced with the Exarch's Elekk. You can still get the Argent Charger if you want a Paladin horse, though it won't have the blue and gold.
I don't want a Ram :(
I think they should just let us train both, I want the Elekk, but not everyone does.
Since I'm playing a male Draenei - I can't wait till Exarch's Elekk is in da house!

Normals Elekks just look bad, clearly not much effort was put into them, they all look like friggin Dumbo with a saddle, the only other ground mount that doesn't look under me like it's about to collapse is a Mammoth, but stopping on the doorways stopped being funny long ago, so haven't used it a good while.

This will be my proper paladin ground mount, finally :>

But yea, we're getting our's redone because Taurens are getting a paladin too and they get unique mount, so our's get a revamp too to make it fair (funny that, again issues get addressed only when Horde get's something with Paladins eh? recurring pattern it seems), so we will get them when new race/class combo's are up and running.
God, I hope blueberries get a choice in the matter. I don't want my draenei alt to ride around on a thalidomide baby elephant. Hate those things so much I ground exalted with Darnassus on my shaman before 40 just so I never had to see it.
just wondering, if dwarves would be able to get the elekk? i doubt it but cant hurt to ask.
I don't want a Ram :(

I'm almost postive Dwarves keep they're chargers.
Seeing as they're in the same group as Humans.
I wish I could keep my charger and get the elekk too... :( That'd be badass. I like the way it looks, but not enough to give up my pretty blue and gold pony.
I don't want a Ram :(

You're in luck then, as mounts are assigned by paladin order rather than race. As dwarves are the Order of the Silver Hand along with humans, they'll still be riding chargers come the Shattering.
I WANT ONE! can u get exalted with exodar and get 1?
nothing badass about the Greater Exarch Elekk at all, looks crappy and is stupid. Thanks for taking my charger away Blizz, good one. I'd rather walk than ride the stupid dumbo.
you are 100% WRONG! the exarchs elekk is COMPLETELY badass!
It's purple.


Good thing I have my Stormsaber.
ok seriously, this is really annoying, i don't want a fugly elekk, i NEVER wanted an elekk and this is pretty insulting to people who have had the paladin charger all this time ( *I* did the freaking quest to get it!) and instead of giving you any type of choice you get an elekk! seriously, this is a HUGE insult to people who never wanted an elekk in the first place, i don't even OWN a single one until i get this crappy mount when i logged in to the game tonight. its sad that i would rather be a mount less paladin instead of having an elekk
you are 100% WRONG! the exarchs elekk is COMPLETELY badass!
No, it's not. It's a retarded mount and a change that wasn't needed.

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