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Okay, I'm psyched to roll my new Troll Druid. :) And have some questions for RPing her properly. I know the lore behind them and everything, I'm just a detail person and am curious how people handle them.

For one - Can you talk in your feral or Moonkin forms? Are you capable of it? I've not interacted with many Druids outside of their true form so I'm not sure.

For two, if you're injured, scarred, or maimed in some way... does it show when you change form? Is your Moonkin also missing an eye, or is your Cat half bald from a fire wound? Or does shapeshifting kinda cancel that out?

Um... that's all the questions I have for now. Advice most appreciated. :)
I would assume the damage you receive while in your natural form would transfer over to your animal forms, even if it wouldn't, feel free to add that to the flavor of your character. If someone is honestly willing to spazz over that, I would assume they're not really worth RPing with to begin with - this isn't a comment on skill, they could be a fantastic writer, I more mean that they'd seem like an unpleasant person.

As unpopular as it also may seem, I'd say feel free to continue speaking in your animal form, unless it becomes a problem. Broll Bearmantle spoke multiple times while in bear form in the WoW comic - which I have open in front of me just to make sure, and I've yet to see much evidence saying they can or cannot, so for the most part, take it as speculation.

Some people will like it, some people won't. Just pay attention to who you're RPing with and decide from there whether or not it's worth your trouble or time. I personally wouldn't care if you did, I'm sure there are plenty who wouldn't either.
My druid can manage some talking--but it is slurred and she looks horrifying, because she shifts her throat/lips/mouth back as close as she can to her elf form if she has to speak.

I always imagined shapeshifting to be like that old bookseries I used to love as a kid, Animorphs.
Your percentage of health persists when you shift forms, so I would argue that injuries would also (speaking purely from a game mechanic standpoint).
Thanks guys, very interesting food for thought. The idea of talking in other forms coming off as kinda horrifying is awfully intriguing. Kind of like the cat in this video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LBKVXyrHcw

I imagine that'd be a terrible strain both on the speaker and the listener, but interesting nonetheless! Though between that and a Troll accent, perhaps it's better she doesn't bother to try, lol. Bat form would be just awful. I can see people covering their ears and pleading with Troll Druids to shut up, get down here, and shift if they want to get their point across!

Bird flight forms of other races might have more luck, after watching some vids of Ravens talking. http://www.break.com/index/talking-raven-says-nevermore

And I think my Druid's scars will definitely carry over. I know as healers those things can be taken care of for the most part, but there are some scars too meaningful not to keep.

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