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Answered, double post
Hey Sammew,

I noticed that you included Worgen/Goblin start zones in the not included section. I really didn't feel like reading through 12 pages of responses, so someone has probably already said this, but even though you cannot make a Goblin or a Worgen, the 2 starting zones are still there, and still accessible. I know there isn't any NPC's in Gilneas, but I am unsure about The Lost Isles. You can still enter the zones and walk around, but the starting quests/experience is not available to the players.
is the portal to Caverns of Time also being removed from Shatt/Dal?

Also: are the bg/arena vendors sticking around tomorrow? do they continue to sell stuff until next season starts?

sorry if these were already answered
Is the Fallen Hero of the Horde NPC gone along with his quests?
Is Dire Maul gone?
I think Fallen Hero of the Horde is the one at the entry to Blasted Lands that starts the really huge cross continent quest line.
A steam powered auctioneer, similar to the engineering only one in the Like Clockwork store, has been added next to the justice point vendors in Dalaran. They are now usable by all non-engineers.

Will there be a similar addition to Shattrah for those of us leveling between 60 and 70? For me it isn't so bad, I have many characters, I can just mail myself stuff to throw up on the AH. But what about those people who are playing through the game for the first time and maybe don't have an alt to park in a capital for the AH? It would definitely be a nice addition to Shattrah.
I think Fallen Hero of the Horde is the one at the entry to Blasted Lands that starts the really huge cross continent quest line.

Right. Different than Shifting Sands, not nearly as long, though I've had trouble finding a couple people to help finish it off.
Will the unacknowledged bug which put druid battles rezzes on a 30 minutes timer be fixed in the patch or do we have to wait 2 more weeks, until Cataclysm for this stupid thing to be fixed? After all, Zarhym claimed in a recent post on the main page that battle rezzes were on a 10 minute timer, didn't he? Why, yes, he did.
So, can we paid race-change as well when the patch hits?

We still do not know. A Blue will have to respond, or we will have to wait untill the patch hits.

Lylirra posted last week to say that you can create new characters in the new race/class combos, but cannot race-change to them until Cata hits.

Edit to add link to Blue Post - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1015371759?page=1#6

Bashiok just updated info about this:

Nice thread btw.
ahhh 12/23 very clever man >:D
Repeating ofcourse!

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