4.0.3a: What is in it, what is not.

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Just saw the new cinematic for catacalysm. Only seems to go for about 90 seconds - so a little disappointed - but what was there was good.
Okay so im still trying to look for what the changes are for shamans and i just cant seems to find it... any one know of what they are?
the new hunter tameable pets look sweet! and worgen start off with mastiffs! i might have to roll one eventually. maybe i'll even get him past 30 this time...
I think Fallen Hero of the Horde is the one at the entry to Blasted Lands that starts the really huge cross continent quest line.

Right. Different than Shifting Sands, not nearly as long, though I've had trouble finding a couple people to help finish it off.

The Fallen Hero of the Horde is in Swamp of Sorrows, SoS. He is still there, the teleporters onto the rise of the defiler are still there, the quests all exist on the cata version of wowhead. Since I've already completed the chain on the char I copied over, I couldn't make sure that the chain is still there. But it appears to be.

Thanks for that info. Unless they totally rewrote the quest chain, I can't see how it would be there though---tons of the quests in the chain took place in Azshara and are completely wiped off the map as I understand it. Anyway, not wanting to risk it I got some help and finished it last night.
I can't believe I put all new talents in 9 different toons 2 weeks ago when I returned after a 4 month lay-off. I log in today and all my talents are gone again.
I really hate this game sometimes.
Why is it that people can't be happy for the product that is supplied. The thing you NEED to understand about the computer/gaming industry is that you can't please everyone. It seems like some people just always find something to complain about. It never ceases to amaze me.
Looks like the Create All button for crafting is broken - the value just resets to 1.

For Cooking anyway...
I am looking for any information on what factions that have been removed such as Argent Dawn I've been grinding out rep. and now i can't seem to find anywhere to get my last 2k .Been to strat. ans scholamce both and can't seem to get rep. out of them . Any help would be great.

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