Blood knight tabard

Ok so i know this is still avalible till cata release, but for the life of me i cant find this level 50 dungeon quest that rewards the tabard, does anyone know where this quest starts?
Wait till cata
Knight-Lord Bloodvalor in Farstriders' Square in Silvermoon starts the quest chain.
Actually, the tabard won't be available again UNTIL Cataclysm launch (or 4.0.3a, possibly), where we'll see the introduction of the new quests meant to obtain it.
Ooo, you mean the blood knight tabard isn't gone for good?

Finally, if your Blood Elf paladin missed out on the Blood Knight Tabard, then you should still be able to acquire one via a race specific version of the level 50 dungeon quest.

Granted, re-reading that, it does sound as if the level 50 quest is in the game now, but I've yet to see any sort of quest that points me in that direction. And the previous paragraph mentions introducing new dungeon quests. So!
Oooo, that sounds pretty awesome. I need to sell my soul for Cata.
Could we get some clarification, regardless, just for my sanity's sake? I've searched around and a good number of people seem to be confused: is it a current level 50 quest or a level 50 quest that will be introduced come Cataclysm as the general majority seems to believe (myself included)?

I'm only asking because I'd be upset and frustrated to find out it's completely removed in Cataclysm, and I missed my chance, with absolutely no information to go on as to how to get it all done.

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