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Guild Recruitment
We are a server first progression guild looking for serious raiders. On The Scryers we have achieved server first Death's Demise, Server first Grand Crusader and are currently working on server first HLK25 and hope to have him down before Cataclysm launches. We are the top guild on our server and hope to gain many server firsts in Cataclysm.

Guild Name: Late Crew
Faction: Alliance
Realm: The Scryers-US
Realm Type: PvE RP
Realm Timezone: Pacific
Battlegroup: Retaliation
Progression: 11/12 Heroic ICC25
Raid Times: 8pm - 12am
Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
2 Resto Druids
1 Warlock
1 Holy Priest
1 Shadow Priest
1 Unholy Deathknight
(will consider all class apps if they are really good)

If you are interested visit our website at www.latecrew-ap.com and fill out an application. We are mainly in need of the classes listed above but we will look at and consider all quality applications.

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