mana gem bug?

I asked this on the old forums but got no responce. Figured they are locked out now so ill ask one last time before petitioning a gm. When i go to create a gem it says something about an enchantment and fails. I pull the spell straight from the book and same borked message. Is anything similar happening to anyone else?
You may have a gem sitting in your bank. Check and see, it will fail with odd messages if you as a character have one, but it is not in your inventory.
Lol you know what... Thats entirly possible. :p i actually did a mass inventory to bank transfer, maybe i moved a gem. Im used too conjured items vanishing in 15 and never thought about that. :) thanks for the tip!
Mana gems don't vanish 15 mins after logging out because they are not classified as a conjured item.

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