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I know solo pvp is never the best way to play, but i was just wondering what class gives me the best chances fighting 2v1s etc.

I want to renew my sub but i dont have a ton of people to play with and ive always kinda done my own thing in bgs on my rogue. Ive played for a while and have experience on my rogue.

I dont care about the play style, i just want a class that can take on waves of players if played right and win. Obviously no one class can just take on tons of other players, but one class will make it slightly easier than others.

Hunter I would say
Any ranged or massive self healer has a very good chance, such as retribution paladins with the instant FoL after 3 judgments. The first ranged that comes to mind for me is a warlock. They have massive damage capability and very strong defensive cooldowns with enough control to get them through most encounters of 1 or 2 people. As for melee I really like rogue. Played wrong you're basically a free kill, but played right you have one of the best personal kits in my opinion. You have evasion for the melee, cloak for ranged and DoTs, gouge, blind, shadowstep, prep, flat 30% damage reduction (if you talent elusiveness to modify feint) cheap shot, garrote, just a huge kit to play with. But I digress, can't go wrong with warlock or hunter as Sprig said.
technically the best solo PvP class will sadly be the FOTM class. that being said whatever is FOTM ( flavor of the month: meaning the most buffed/OP class that patch ) will be the best PvP class. other then that it really is whatever you can play well. for example i suck as warlocks in PvP and my guild runs Dps and sucks because we rarely have healers in our BG's so i tend to play a healer idc which one i play them all anyways. last i played/heard which was last week warriors were FOTM and yes they DO hit pretty damn hard. i can solo them to be honest but if they have pocket healers then it is extremely hard. paladins are also very good to solo with for all their damn utilities.

pretty much though it is whatever you want to play FOTM will always change and regardless you still need to learn to play your class in pvp.

PS- take into consideration in 5.4 they made pvp suck for low levels because you can now enchant your heirlooms with level 90 enchants and like heirlooms they scale with level.

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