[Idea] pet battle mono-type achievements.

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This is just a crazy idea I had while farming some pets, wouldn't it be awesome if a player could earn a special pet of each type but performing the hard task of winning 25-75 max level pet battles with only one type of pet?

You could "specialise" in certain pets this way and be rewarded with sweet things like a pet of that type, a title like "dragon whisperer" and maybe even some nice transmog gear for all classes based on the specific type of pet tied to the achievement.

Sorry for the bump, here are some additional thoughts I had:

This could work with pet battle instances (scenarios or dungeons) just have the achievement be for completing a pet battle instance with a single type. They wouldn't need to go pokemon style and make it like gyms with all the same type, make them based on raids or popular dungeons so while there is a theme you can get many different types of pets to battle against.

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