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Hey, I'm a little worried about my dps here..did about 55k sustained on a target dummy. I follow the rotation that several websites give me, but still..very low dps. I know my neck is a little bad and missing enchants, but that should NOT account for all this missed dps. I was looking to be doing about 100k, not 50k..So, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Looks to be just bad gear. No set bonuses, Wok's always been a terrible trinket, and you've got a ton of out-dated T14 gear - including your weapon, which is unboosted LFR grade. I wouldn't really expect your gear to be capable of much more than ~70k, especially not in LFR SoO.

Enchants/gems won't completely make up that gap, though, so there's got to be a problem with your rotation or your use of CDs.
On a dummy.. that gear should be able to go 70k maybe, if you're doing very good on your rotation.
Your biggest drawback and main cause for low dps is your weapon. The majority of ret dps abilities are based directly off of your weapon damage eg crusader strike, templars verdict, divine storm etc. Since you only have a 483 lfr weapon, the top end of its damage range doesnt even come near the bottom end range of current tier weapons.

Also, your mastery is quite low but that's just due to limitations on your reforging because of your low gear ilvls across the board. Along side weapon damage, mastery also greatly affects a ret pallies dps. During the course of an average boss fight, Hand of light will more often than not be the cause of the greatest percentage of your overall dps. Once your gear and weapon ilvl scales up a bit and you have more mastery and higher range weapon damage, you should see a big leap forward in your dps.

Maybe also post the rotation you follow and how you use your cd's over the course of a few minutes on a target dummy for more feedback.
Jerrod why are you tmoging your lighten set? Sure lower ilvl, but the set bonus is worth it.
Thanks for the help so far! This is my rotation, for those asking:
Open with Exe Sentence, CS, Judgment, EXO, Inq, 5 holy power builders, then TV. that's basically my entire rotation. I really don't know what's so wrong with it..maybe I'll just try and replace a few more items before i try again.
NEVER use ES without Inq up; that's a huge damage loss right there. As you're running in, use Judgement (and Exo, if not glyphed) to help gain HoPo while out of range for CS, since waiting to get into melee range to start doing damage is a loss, too.
clcret would probably make a very significant difference.

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