Thok's Tail Tip?

Why do I see a handful of BrMs using Thok's Tail Tip? Is the 7% increased crit damage / mastery / haste / healing worth having a strength proc? Is it some kind of inside joke between the top brewmasters to equip thok's tail tip before logging out?
Edit: I durped a bit, it's crit damage not crit rating.

The raw stat increase from the amp trinkets is amazing at higher ilvl. At 570 ilvl it'll give you around 1k mastery and 500 haste for a total of 1500 secondary. It will also increase your crit damage by 8% and considering most high end monks are upwards of 60% crit, it's a significant damage increase as well. Plus the str proc isn't great, but it's still 1 ap per str.

TL;DR It's a pretty damn good hybrid trinket when there aren't many others this tier.
its a large amount of haste/mastery/crit damage and still str does gives us attack power, though agil would be better SoO brm trinkets are so bad yes even this str one beats malot of them
and its why the agility one didnt go live, our secondaries are too good :)
I will consider picking it up once the trinket is going to OS but I'm pretty happy with TED + RoRo (crit and mastery proc'ing) for 25m HC.

As said the raw stat increase + crit damage + a bit of AP from the proc make it a very competitive trinket for BrM.
im next in line for one as our 2 strength users have gotten theirs.

for me the question would become (since seigecrafter hates me and my bonus rolls):

is Thok's Tail Tip better vs Ticking Ebon Detonator
Normal mode for both (without upgrades since AMR doesn't list them that way)
TED: 1959 Mastery + 2341 Agil (1170 AP).
Thok's: 800 Mastery + 412 Haste + 933 AP + 7% Crit Dmg/Healing (bit harder to quantify)

The +Crit aspect makes up a lot since so much of both our damage and self healing benefit from our crazy levels of crit is what push it over the edge.

I will probably keep TED since I'm stacking a lot of mastery anyways but Thok's would be a DPS boost with relatively close mitigation results to maybe swap to on farm stuff.
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is ebon detonator a good choice in a crit focused build?

You still get 844 Crit + Agil proc out of the 553+8 version so overall it is a good trinket that has solid value in all encounters. The cleave trinkets are more DPS on add fights but offer no mitigation. RoRo is highest DPS trinket in Crit format but that is another story.
Also, how do we feel about using vial? I've kind of been eyeing it and I don't see many BrMs taking it

The only fight where the reduction in CD's make them come up at useful times is Malkorok and even then only if you are solo soaking Blood Rage. Other trinkets provide more DPS or more mitigation as options.
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I really don't want to let go of my Soul Charm with 1700 expertise on it

Migrating some red gems to expertise+crit or pure expertise easily makes up for this. I actually was forced above the 15% cap temporarily until I could get rid of it.

The T16 trinkets are a really situational bunch. TED is probably the best "everymans every fight" trinket and the rest are really depends what format you are running (25m vs 10m, N vs HC, etc) or specific encounter mechanics that they favor.

I have HC Rook's in my bags but you won't see me put it on until HC Malkorok.
Ebon/Thok's are really our only hybrid trinkets this tier, although a small argument could be made for the Garrosh trink. Everything else is either heavy survivability - Rooks/Vial or pure DPS - Multistrike/cleave.

As riki said, trinkets this tier are very situational.

Need more stam- Curse of Hubris/Vial/Rook
Need both surv and a bit of a damage boost- Ebon/Thok/Kinda hubris
Want pure dps- Multistrike/cleave/old RoRo
Wait, Thok's actually works? I was unaware that the strength part would proc.
Yes though the only benefit we get out of the STR proc is 1 AP per STR point (unlike 2 AP for agil). We don't get Parry from STR.
thoks due to % will provide more mastery than TED at at least a 570 ilvl maybe less
Warrior is just upset that a BrM looted it from him. My guild gave me the first one that dropped for the matter.
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