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Blackwater Raiders

When I first looked at the list of realms for "new players," one was Grizzly Hills. Since I'd been reading a bit on WotLK zones, I thought, "I can't go there, that's too high level for me!" LOL

At the time I didn't realize Fizzcrank was a place in Borean Tundra...
Destromath a long long time ago
Bonechewer... 2005... time flies!
Blood Furnace.

First few days when Cataclysm came out.
I was a nub, made my first toon on frostmane, 2nd toon on bleeding hollow, it was simultaneously the best and worst thing I ever did. My best friendships were on bleeding hollow, but it was horrible getting raids and grps.

If I could do it all again, the best server to start on would've been proudmoore...the unofficial aussie server.

It was all moot when they brought out oceanics.

Unfortunately, oceanic realms are fail for friendships compared to the those great days of bleeding hollow.
Lightninghoof Horde
Greymane Horde. Still got the characters. Still hop on them. Though, my 'new' homes are Zul'jin Horde and Gnomeregan Alliance.
Madoran. @.@
anvilmar because my kids were there, and now I'm still playing years after they quit. on runetotem with a few co-workers, but they seem to have quit to. must be me ha.
Oh gosh, Fenris PVE. So long ago!
Wildhammer - Horde

Wow, where did the time go? o.o
Antonidas. As Alliance.
server is f**kin' dead now
MalGanis, ugh.
Khadgar...first as Alliance, then as Horde.
Gorgonnash. I was a male human named Lightbearer.
Gnomergan Alliance back in 2007

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