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Noticed a major problem with connected realms, seems that when someone sends you a tell from a different realm than yours in the realm group, the client's /r command doesn't append their server name to the response, so you always get "player not found" when trying to /r to respond to a tell to someone on a different realm.

Also, this whole practice of appending the server name to peoples' names on other realms runs contra to the initial description of connected realms where it was stated that players on different realms would simply have a '#' character appended to their names...
It was my impression that the # would be appended to those out in the world, to differentiate them from CRZ folk who use a *.

You can't just use # in chat though, since connected realms are going to be more than two realms together. If I just saw #Est in chat, I'd have no idea which realm, and thus which Est I was talking to. The server identifier is somewhat needed for chat purposes.
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WEll, regardless of the visual representation of the name, /r is still broken because it does not append the server name to a player's name. If I get a tell from someone on another realm connected to mine, I can't respond with /r because it leaves their server name off. I have to type it manually. Most people would just give up in frustration probably once they saw that /r didn't immediately work. This is going to create some serious communication problems on connected realms unless it's fixed in 5.4.1.
More debugging on this, it goes deeper then that. Connected realms have a name generation bug. Login to a fresh connected realm, and whisper someone who is NOT guilded or on contact list (so their name isn't cached)

For sake of test here is how to reproduce bug.

1. I omegal send a whisper to username-Dentarg
2. Stock UI strips server name from the whisper in outgoing chat frame to show just username (even though this is invalid
3. User on other end gets a tell in chat frame from "omegal" and NOT "omegal-whisperwind". they cannot reply, they cannot invite, etc at all. This is because I wasn't cached on their end either.
4. we repeat steps 1-3 again. it works.

It seems that an uncached username strips server name on connected realms. this is true for whispers and chat channels. Once that first message breaks though, subsequent messages work correctly. Here is bug occurring on two different occasions in general chat

As you can see, the first new message seen by a person will NOT reflect server until they type at least a second message in chat, if this user's name is not cached. This happens with 100% STOCK UI and I have confirmed it with other people even. This is a pretty significant break in the connected realm code because it will break being able to click on a user to invite or send whisper if their name format presents invalid and the average user won't understand the bug. It's most confusing with whisper UI though since you get a whisper from someone from your connection and the server gets stripped and you sit their replying and getting "player not found" errors, or worse, a completely different player.

it is key to note that once you've seen at least ONE message from any user on a connected realm, all future messages from that user will contain server name. It seems if member is in your guild, or contact list, then the proper name is also cached via that, so the bug will never occur between friends and guildies. It'll simply bork exchanging communication with a total stranger whom you have not encountered previously. I hope this is sufficient data to pass on to engineers.
Just to bump this issue as it's annoying in my opinion. The whispering oddly worked fine for me but I couldn't ignore someone who was on a different realm than me by right clicking on them. It just kept saying player is not found.

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