idea for new spell for expansion

if it's not already too far into development, or already in the work, I was thinking a ranged HP builder (primarily thinking ret, not sure bout other specs). It could do damage 50-75% of the damage CS does but at a 20-40 yrd range. It would be effective in both pve and pvp. PvE ret is probably the lowest ranged dps class besides maybe war. On ranged heavy fights it could promote use of the Harsh Words glyph in rets because judge/exo/newspell could provide a decent ranged dps for 10s low on ranged. Pvp gives us more to do against casters as they're all capable of kiting making CS useless as a HP builder. Also gives us more kiting power. When I have to try to kite to stay alive against melee sometimes exo/judge isn't enough to even dent the damage with a WoG. Would basically just be a judgement like spell but shares cd w/ CS and HotR. This would make ranged heavy fights more fun for ret as we often have to just stand around unless there's adds to take care of, and also gives ret more than 2 spells to cast while kiting or being kited (unless you spec sanctified wrath, my new fav 75 talent). Y'know what? Belay that remark about just ret! Give it to all pallies!
Or just give all specs Holy Shock.
Lol been awhile since I played holy and that's basically what I described. Works for me as long as sanctity of battle effects it.

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