What can I expect as a holy paladin?

Hi all.

I'm leveling a new "main", a paladin. Its a big deal for me because since 08' I've only had 2 mains (warrior and hunter).

My paladin is retribution and protection, and level 82. However I've seriously considered dropping protection and going holy since my guild could use another pvp healer.

I have 0 clue in the capabilities or how holy paladins fare in pvp? We run a lot of world pvp, RBGs, and of course I'd be doing some Arenas. Could I also heal in pve?

Pardon my ignorance but how are holy paladins these days?

ps. I've never played a healer before. LOL.
What's so funny about never playing a healer before?
Best they've ever been. Not the best healer out there, but most certainly not the worst. I love healing.
Healing as holy in PvP... I feel like a god. I consistently do more healing than my other guildies (normally a priest and druid), and often live longer too.

Of course it all depends on your teammates. I've been focused in RBG's and dropped like a stone, but so did our other healers just due to their coordination AoE stuns and then focusing on one healer effeciently.

Let's just say this. I have a level 80 priest, a level 90 monk, shaman, and druid healers... and I'll always heal as Holy in PvP.
If you're doing a lot of PvE leveling, I should warn you that Blizzard neglected to give holy paladins any kind of AoE damage---unless you count Light's Hammer at level 90, and since you can't level with that talent, I wouldn't count it. The lack of AoE damage has been my pet peeve all throughout Mists of Pandaria.
If you key up your cds for a macro to burst heal, you can totally save your party from a pvp wipe. I go in and do INSANE healing for 20 secs. Usually I'm near the top for heals, unless there's the aoe heals (MW, Rdruid) which can be beaten unless they really know their char. So having a HPal running with a good tank can be a sweet combo as long as you don't get perma cc'd.

Look over your spells, put them together in a macro, and be a God as you wade in and do crit heals for 327k.
As a holy paladin in rbgs, you will mainly be doing 3 things.
1. Swapping beacon around a lot to build holy powers.
2. Using hand of sacrifice a lot at the opening of the big start-up fight. Save your hands for this fight, not for little skirmishes on the roads. If your with a resto Druid, put it on him, has he is almost always the first healer to be the focus kill.
3. BoP the other healers when they are low or not getting peels due to a death grip or something. Don't BoP just when they are low, because RBGs are full of casters that BoPs don't save them from. BoP when they have a lot of melee on them or in a long stun with no trinket (like 8 sec kidney).

Otherwise, like above, pop CDs near the start with your hand of sac on probably your Druid, and heal through the burst.
Holy paladins are good. You're going to get kicked a lot but you can generally keep someone alive with cooldowns until you're back in action. If you get enough crit, your holy shocks are gonna keep your cast times super lower.

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