How do I get rid of all this Hit?

Should I forego the socket bonus on the 2h? That still wouldn't even put a dent in it.
If hit is really really bothering you, replace the two hit/haste gems with haste/stam. The largest factor is the feather trinket which is still really good for you.
With your gear you're going to be over the Hit cap regardless of any regemming or reforging you do until you get some new pieces. There could probably be some tinkering you could do either way, like subbing a +320 Haste gem on your sword, but really? Better over than under with Hit.
Yeah, you're just gonna have to suck it up until you can get something to beat Feather - which, since you'll need to replace Gaze first, may be awhile.
I would put a pure haste gem in the weapon since 160 haste is going to beat 60 str. Also, keep in mind that you will lose ~500 hit when you get your t16 helm too. Then, when you replace feather you will probably need to gem back into some hit, since replacing the feather and helm will cost you about 1,300 hit total. But don't replace the feather until you get both thok's and eye of gala (replace gaze with the first one you get), since feather is better than any of the other t16 trinks (except maybe the crit one if you already have thok's).

To be honest you need to start saving some items with hit on them (necks with hit are plentiful), so that when you do replace the above you can get back to the cap without having to reforge into it.
I wanted to murder somebody when I had both Feather and Zerat... now I'm content because I have neither....

I'm really glad that this tier doesn't have an asinine amount of hit that ToT did (like honestly... who the !@#$ puts hit on a str 2h?).

But yeah there's nothing you can do to shed 900 hit until you toss feather.
I don't want to hear about being over hit cap >.<
Dat Heroic feather....
And this is why draenei racials are terrible.

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