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I am a 572 Blood death knight looking for a core tank position. I currently have 11/14H experience and would enjoy a guild with the same. Horde or Alliance it doesn't matter to me. Raid times around 7-12 EST suit me best but can make exceptions. The amount of days do not matter to me.
Hello ,

Dawning Nemesis (10 year old guild, started in EQ) is raid based guild currently looking for an exceptional and reliable TANK to fill a core spot on our Team DN for 5.4 SoO HM progression.

Raid Size: 10-Man HM Progression
Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thur - 8PM to 11PM EST.
Progression: 3/14 HM SoO 11/13 HM ToT
Server: US-Stormrage (PvE) Alliance
Loot system: Loot council/Need before Greed
Website: http://dnguild.com
Who to Whisper: Ferniss (GM), Booyah, Readycheck (Officer)

Feel free to contact me at: Xfinity#1300 if you have any more questions.
I can give nothing but an amazing recommendation for this player.

While only raiding with him for the better part of the last 6 months, never once was I upset or annoyed with his presence. An excellent tank, arguably the best I've played with in my 5-6 years of playing. Great personality, genuine fun playing with him and he knows when to get serious.

While this is short, I'm kind of lost for words that I even get to type this right now.

Best of luck Dwarf, you were, have been and always will be amazing. While we didn't get to become close friends personally, you've left your mark and you'll always one way or another be in my mind.

Fair note, he's also kinda cute
This train is still choo-chooing
I'm interested in talking with you, Dwarfdk.

The Exiled is 11/14H in 10M, and we raid 8 PM - 12 EST on Tues/Wed/Sun.

I don't generally do recruitment so no wall of text from me, just a friendly hello and a BattleTag.

<Midnight Company> is currently looking for players like you to join our 25m raid! We play on Kel'Thuzad one of the Super Pop Realms, Distinguished for its PvE Progression at the same time being one of the highest Ranked PvP realms!
Currently We have two Raid Groups our Heroic 25 and Heroic 10m Completely Different players in each group on different paths of progression and raid Schedules. Specify in game or on our site which group you would like to join!

• DPS - High Priority: Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Feral, Ele shaman
• DPS - Medium Priority: Hunter, Heals
• DPS - Low Priority: Any

All exceptional players will be considered, regardless of current needs!!

Midnight Company Progression:
Tier 16: 14/14N, 9/14 Heroic
Tier 15: 12/12N, 13/13 Heroic ToT

Who we are:
Midnight Company is a 25 man raiding guild with many hard core players from Vanilla to present. We are very active and fun guild looking for like minded players looking to clear current Heroic Content, enjoy our guild events {Guild Lottos, Pet Tournaments, etc} our last event was a 300k gold + giveaway!

What are we looking for?
We want players who will be a good fit in our guild so having the right personality and attitude is important to us. We won't put up with any drama.
A potential recruit has to be punctual and independent enough to have high raid attendance. This is especially important for progression raids. The recruit has to be competitive and always trying to improve his or her game. We are looking for players who want to deliver flawless performance and aren't content with being average. It's also a huge plus if the player isn't afraid to talk and bring his own ideas into the fight and can grasp the whole picture.

We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
7:00 PM to 11:30 PM MOUNTAIN (server)
This is 9:00 PM to 1:30 EST, and 6:00 to 10:30 PST

What YOU can expect from Midnight Company:
• A serious progression environment without the guild Drama or attitudes typically seen in progression guilds.
• Very good players while being in a fun enviroment!
• Rewards: Flasks, Noodle Carts, & Bank Repairs.

All exceptional applicants will be considered, regardless of our current needs. It's always worth sending in an application, even if your class is not listed as needed. A good application may open up some new possibilities. Please don't hesitate to contact me so we can find out how we can fit you in!

If Midnight Company sounds like a guild you would be interested in joining, contact me and we can talk about it! If interested or looking for more info about who we are whisper Bellaâ ,Adder or add me to battletag: Ammorasa#1604 or Addar#1156 Drew#1840. Visit us at: www.MidnightCompany.guildlaunch.com
This train is still choo-chooing
Hey Dwarfdk, TF is currently recruiting skilled a skilled tank for a core raid spot. We're currently US 14th with 12/14H for 25 man SoO progression. I would love to chat with you. You can contact me by my battle tag Judekin#1105. Hope to hear from you soon!

here's more info on the guild

High Demand for RDPS and Healers!
Apply at Thefabled.net/application/

<The Fabled> is a guild created in the World of Warcraft Beta. It has a long history of consistently solid raid progression and offers a raid environment that is both friendly and serious. We are currently recruiting a variety of classes to be a part of our raid team for future progression.

General Information

Server: Hyjal-PvE (PST)
Raid Times: Sunday-Thursday 6:30-10:30 PST (9:30-1:30 EST)
Loot: DKP
Website: Thefabled.net

Past Progression (25 Man)

Tier 15: US 15th, West 41st
Tier 14: US 23rd, West 70th
Tier 13: US 28th, World 79th
Tier 12: US 22nd, World 75th
Tier 11: US 23rd, World 107th

Recruitment Needs and Process

Feral Druid - Medium
Hunter - Low
Mage - Medium
Monk (Heals) - High
Paladin (Holy) - Medium
Priest (Heals) - Medium
Priest (Shadow) - High
Warlock - Medium
Warrior (DPS) - High

As usual, we are interested in any class as long as the person playing it is an exceptional player. Do not hesitate to apply just because your spec is not listed currently.

After applying, your application with be reviewed by our raiders, and you'll have the chance to answer any questions we may have. If the application is good, an interview on mumble will take place and there's a good chance we will offer you a trial spot. Trials are capped at a lower tier of DKP bids (but gain normal amounts of DKP), and the trial period usually lasts for about one month. Once a month has passed, a vote will take place on the forums determining whether or not you will be promoted.


¤ Solid raid performance. This includes DPS, attitude and awareness.
¤ Accountability. If you mess up, own up to it and learn from it.
¤ High Attendance.

If you are interested in joining contact any of our raiders, or fill out an application at our website.
Recruiting Officers for contact: Numidia (collinzac#1618), Judekin (Judekin#1105)

Thank you for your interest in <TF>, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

High Demand for RDPS + HEALS
Apply at Thefabled.net/application/
This train is still choo-chooing
<Pendulum> (10m), [A] Sargeras, T15 13/13 H pre nerf, T16 6/14H, is currently seeking dedicated raid members to solidify our progression roster for 5.4. We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays 9:00p - 12:30a (EST).

We are currently seeking to fill a dps position but are also open to exceptional applicants from other classes/specs:
Paladin (High)
Warrior (Med)

Monk (High)
Paladin (Med)

Mage (High)
Warrior (High)
Rogue (High)
Boomkin (High)
Hunter (Med)
Warlock (Med)

Potential applicants should have seen 14/14 SoO, have previous or current Heroic experience, and have a minimum ilvl of 550. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and have, or be willing to work towards building an offspec. If your class is not specifically listed and you feel that you may be an asset to our raid please consider applying as we are always looking for exceptional players. If you wish to apply directly please visit <http://pendulumguild.com> or ask for Unsu, Sillensa (add sillensa#1820) or Neoaxel ( add Neoaxel#1629 ) in game.
Shout-out to Midnight Company, trying to keep it local
Hi Dwarfdk! :)

We are currently looking for overall solid players to finish out this tier.

T14: 16/16 H
T15: 13/13 H #28
T16: 11/14 H

We are the #1 9 hour/week in the World.
T/TH/Sun 9:30-12:30 EST



Please contact one of the following in game with any questions.

Shout-out to Midnight Company, trying to keep it local
Hi Dwarf, I miss you.
great tank
great tank
bump for the gdkp days when you couldn't hold your push to talk key down long enough to do a pull count down <3!

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