4pc Tier 15 vs 2pc Tier 15 + Ordos pieces.

So, despite killing every boss that drops tier from flex and LFR every week they've been available, I am still stuck with only one piece of Tier 16 (Got gloves from celestials).

I have however gotten these two pieces from Ordos:

Hoodrych's Bloodied Chestplate.


Partik's Purified Legplates

Both are 559 non-upgraded. Together they grant 1532 more strength, "roughly" 1000 more in secondary stats, and about 39k health. I would be replacing my Tier 15 Legs and Chest, both LFR upgraded to 510ilvl.

My question is, would it be worth losing my Tier 15 four set bonus (Holy TV) for such a big star/gear upgrade? I know the bonus is extremely powerful, but that's a hefty upgrade stat upgrade (at least until I can finish Tier 16). I find myself cleaving with Divine Storm in a majority of encounters, and while I enjoy the big TVs when I get lucky with the proc, I don't know if it's worth losing out on using these Ordos pieces. Thoughts?

Edit: Bonus point, I know it's silly, but I feel like "551 Ret" makes more of an impression when pugging then "544 Ret." I run a lot of flex with my guild, but I still have to pug sometimes. I know ilvl isn't everything, but that's what we use to advertise ourselves to pugs usually.
Quick Ask Mr. Robot math, not sure if accurate/relevant.

Current gear with 4 piece:
337760 (Score on Mr. Robot.)

Ordos substitutes:
345615 (optimized gems and reforges),

348943 (optimized gems and reforges)

*blows dust off simcraft* As you can tell, I'm pretty bummed about lack of tier drops.
If the tier 15 pieces were at least 522 (530 upgraded) i would say stay with that due to the Holy TV, but since the Ordos pieces are such a huge upgrade over the tier 15 lfr pieces, i'd say go with those.
Was in a similar situation. My T15 was all 510/LFR. I had two pieces of ordos loot (helm/pants) that broke the set bonus.

It was worth breaking the set bonus, but just barely.
I'm leaning toward breaking the bonus.

A 40% chance at what is essentially a 2x as powerful Templar's Verdict doesn't seem to outweigh the combined power of the improved gear in the vast majority of situations. Even if the tier 15 would outpace it slightly in single target, the reality is 85% of the time I'm not fighting just one target. Even at a single target loss (if it even is) I think the overall boost in damage from other places and increased survivability makes up for it.

Even if I get lucky next week and get three more pieces of tier, these pieces will find their way into my prot off spec anyway, so I'm not too worried about upgrading them.

Edit: I know target dummies aren't a good indicator of stats/gear quality. But after multiple tests the two sets averaged pretty equally single target, with the tier 15 pulling slightly ahead on single target, but usually only due to a lucky string of procs or a full powered TV crit skewing the numbers in its favor. This is without the Ordos gear being upgraded or fully optimized, so it should even out anyway. Not like I haven't spent Valor in worse ways (THANKS poorly optimized Timeless gear)
i had T15 4 piece normal upgraded (all 530). I got 553 tier 16 chest and pants, upgraded them 561 and on simcraft it was a 5k dps increase, so if you are equipping ordos gear there's a good chance it's a dps increase over lfr T15.

but keep in mind the better your weapon is the harder it is to overcome T15 set bonus. i still have a flex weapon which is how my new gear pulled ahead of my T 15 set.
Don't follow Mr Robot, from my experience they have you reforge in a really wacky way. Just use some brain power and figure out the best way to reforge your gear =)
Don't follow Mr Robot, from my experience they have you reforge in a really wacky way. Just use some brain power and figure out the best way to reforge your gear =)

If you set the weighting properly the reforging at MrRobot is fine.

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