Correct use of CDs

Hey fellow Paladins! I was just wondering if my understanding of when to use my CDs is correct or close enough to it. Previously I had been popping AW, GoAK and HA all at the same time at the start of an encounter to maximise my use of these throughout (to me it makes sense) However of late as I've been using my pally a lot more and increasing my understanding, am I correct in using GoAK first and once I get the full buff from that use AW and HA together? I've also been thinking of swapping out HA for SW but not totally sure how this would effect what I do and when I do it. Cheers :-)
HA vs. SW is mostly dependent on preference, or having an Eye; HA is not affected by the CD reduction of Evil Eye of Galakras, which desyncs it from the rest of our burst CDs, and thus devalues the talent.

With SW, you can pop GoAK and then immediately pop SW. With HA, you're gonna want to hold HA/Wings until about 10~11s after you pop Guardian mostly to maximize the strength buff during HA, but you also want to do that to make sure your Guardian blows up during Wings.

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