Holy PvE, should I gem pure Int or Mastery?

Hi guys,

I'm a casual healer that mostly raid LFR so far, and plan to do Flex guild raiding soon. I've tried the 3 healing build from EF, to a short SH stage and now I'm on Sacred Shield.

I didnt enjoyed blanketing people in 25m with EF (might be different in 10m tho) and so far, as far as 25 man LFR is concerned, I'm doing equal HpS (usually around 100k average with 534 ilvl) with the Sacred shield build or EF. I do enjoy Sacred shield more tho.

My usual top 3 healing tools are (which makes sense because of my build) :

1- Illuminating healing
2- Sacred Shield
3- Light of dawn

I don't have yet the Jina-Kang, Kindness of Chi-Ji cloak so I was asking myself if I can do something to help lowering my overhealing a little bit. So now I'm asking myself if I should replace my Brilliant Primordial Ruby gems by Artful Vermilion Onyx gems, so that way I'll have more mastery and then less overhealing. In the otherhand, I'll loose intellect which mean a little drop in my spell power.

What do you guys think? All tips are welcome!
Avoid gemming pure int. For the most part, it really depends on you, but...

Red = Int/Spirit or Int/Mastery
Blue = Spirit of Spirit/Mastery
Yellow = Mastery or Spirit/Mastery

You can sub mastery for haste to meet breakpoints as needed.

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