Missing characters - Nesingwary realm - 10/29

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3 of my mains disappeared from my toon list! Is anyone else having this problem and is there a fix? This only happened today please help.

What are their names and on which realm are they located?
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Resevelt, Folon, and Rojen all on Nesingwary
Most of my toons are gone on Nessingwary too. Also 3 other accounts I know have lost toons there too.
7 of my 8 characters on Nesingwary are not there on the Character selection screen. Only the last one on the list is still there. The Realm selection list still says there are 8 characters on Nesingwary, however.

(I'll note nothing is wrong with my characters on Vek'nilash. Or other realms for that matter.)
HAH! I checked Nesingwary as well. It used to be my main realm. -all- of my toons are gone, all 9 of them.
Patch#1403 is missing all toons from Nesingwary and Vek'nilash. Other servers on his account are fine.
For example, Patching & Bottlebrush.

deathmatch#1485 is missing all Nesingwary characters.
Dobber is one character name.
I would like to confirm that it's only Nesingwary that's having a problem. All my toons on Moon Guard, Korgath, etcetera are fine.
I am missing about 4 chars on Nesingwary as well. I checked wow armory and they say character with that name doesn't exist. Jellygerms, Gnoemeo, Jellyette are three that I can think of.

I went ahead and looked those toons up. The characters are coming up as deleted on my end. I am going to go ahead and get this issue escalated so that it can be looked into further.
I'm available Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM Pacific Time
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Got some feedback? https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Dankorii
Thanks, I definitely did not delete them.
Thank you cause there was no way I would delete Jellygerms she had all my money for that server.
Lost all my Nesingwary toons, too. And I know I did not delete them! Especially my hunter. She's been my baby since I joined WoW back in Wrath!

Eep! And I was loving hanging out with our new buddies from Vek'nilash!
Rubyheart, Deathknoob, Puckingfally, Ieatsouls, Jadeclaw, Malanore and two others. All gone. I did not delete them. Fix it.
I have 7 toons, items professions gone never deleted any, I hope wow fixes and restores this. My most geared toons gone this really sucks. all from nessy
I got you all beat. I was on my characters on Nesingwary, cycling through my alts doing daily researches, Celestials, Headless Horseman and the following happened:

Went to log on my DK and tank HH, would load to about 1 inch of bar left and kick me off. Tried the shaman, same deal. Suddenly all my toons on the login screen are naked on Nesingwary. Log onto my main toon Guillotaur, he's got gear on.

Can get on Mok nathal with Bare here fine.

Can get on Blades Edge with my mage fine.

Getting rather worried my toons might be gone tomorrow!

Guillotaur, Ecduzzitt, Bloodrein, Olierndou, Kneezle, Cptcaveman, Gungajin, Kreecher, Chowmain, Hoarfrost.
My toons aren't gone, but when I log into 8 of them, I get disconnected.
All my toons on Nesingwary are gone as well, on both accounts.
Now, all the toons I logged into are showing as online at the same time.

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