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So far I've been making do by going completely barebones, vanilla UI, no combat add-ons at all.

It kinda sucks.

I'd sorta like to be able to actually see the fight instead of constantly having to keep my eyes glued to either the very bottom left or top right of my screen - and it would probably help with making me feel like I'm playing an MMO instead of "that button is done refreshing!". (I play at a very high resolution, so my bars and icons end up being really, really small and pretty far away from the rest of the screen)

Anyways, what really pushed me over the edge and finally made me cave was getting the T16 4-pc bonus, and the vanilla interface feels less than stellar at tracking everything including the divine storm procs. (I honestly don't even try to track things like trinket uptime. It's a mess.)

What UI addons would you guys recommend? (I've heard of CLCRet, but I've been hearing a lot of bad things about it as well so I'm not sure that I want to get it. Besides, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that one just a rotation helper anyway?)
CLCRet is a rotation helper, but it will help you track Inquisition which means you don't have to look at your main action bar or your buff corner. It can also be customized to track burst CDs and trinket procs, and be positioned basically anywhere on your screen which means you have all the information you need readily available in the position most convenient for you.

For tier procs, I'd suggest looking into WeakAuras. It can be a tad daunting at first, especially if you're not familiar with addons, but it's very handy for such things once you figure it out and isn't terribly difficult to learn. Just have to mess with it a bit, really.
I would recommend trying out weak auras. It has a little bit of a learning curve, but after you play around with it for a bit it becomes easier to understand. You can use it to make custom UI visuals and sound alerts, as well as even have it announce things for you in chat.

Using it with ret you can make easy to see UI alerts anywhere you want on your screen for things like needing to know when a main spell is ready, if inquisition is buffed and how long remains, when your burst CDs are still active, if you have 3 stacks of selfless healer.... basically whatever you need it to tell you.

I'm sure there are other addons that are more simple, but I would really recommend getting this one and learning it because it is a great UI tool for really any class/spec.
Also, would recommend looking into BarTender, OmniCC, and HealBot (just hear me out on the last one!).

BarTender is an addon that lets you reposition, resize, and reshape up to 12(?) different action bars and put them wherever you want on your screen - and the same goes for the bag bar, stance (read: Seal) bar, and the menu bar. Great for opening up your viewable area while simultaneously placing important bars where you need them. OmniCC goes hand-in-hand with this one as it has a variety of options for placing visual CD indicators on your bars. This way you don't have to estimate an abilities CD at a glance or take the time to mouse over it.

Now, I recommend HealBot as a group frame replacement addon. For the Paladin utility toolkit, this is really useful as it lets you assign spells to a wide variety of button/modifier combinations, which frees up bar space and also means you don't need as many [@mouseover] macros. You can configure it to keep tanks in their own group and healers in their own group, no matter how they're spread out amongst the raid, easily showing you the people you should be focusing your Hands/heals on. It's also handy for other, non-healing classes - I use it on my Warrior for Intervene/Safeguard, my Rogue for Tricks of the Trade, Warlock for Imp: Singe Magic, etc.
So much STUFF.

I'll download CLCRet and Weakauras tonight and see how I do. Just the two of them for now because literally the only addons I've used before are AMR and OQueue and I'd rather not get overwhelmed with what-the-hell-am-I-looking-at-I-suck-at-this-game. I'm an addon scrub. Don't know crap about fancy dandy UIs and stuff.
I'd really have to recommend Bartender4. It will allow you to put your spell abilities where you want and resize them.
I regard IceHUD as a necessity on any character. It makes yours and your target's health/mana/cast bars very easy to see right near your character on screen.
10/29/2013 06:22 PMPosted by Optima

You just killed, like, three of my addons. >_>

Thanks so much! ^_^
I would recommend trying out weak auras.

Can't agree with more, I use weakauras to track everything from Inq, trinkets, cooldowns, set bonus' to raid debuffs/buffs. The best part is, you can customize it to your liking c:

As for icehud, never been a fan; I do run with my nameplate and target nameplate in the center;bottom of my screen though.
I just use Inline Aura. It trumps all those silly buff/debuff trackers out there by letting you track your own buffs/debuffs right on the ability buttons that apply them.

So when you hit inquisition, the button gains a green highlight indicating it's currently applied, as well as gaining a timer showing how much time is remaining.

The same thing happens with debuffs that are applied by an ability, such as weakened blows. Instead of being colored green, the button will be colored red for debuffs on your current target (you can customize which target it tracks things on though).

The advantage here is that now you only have one place to watch. You don't have to have stupid icons popup on your screen. All your ability cooldowns and buff/debuff timers are all on your bar, so you treat them just like they are ability cooldowns. It makes playing dot classes and stuff no different than cooldown based classes.

The only buffs/debuffs you'd need to track separately would be things like trinket procs, etc that aren't tied to a specific ability. And of course any debuffs applied to you by a boss.

You can also do fun things with the spell alerts (the little glowy animations that pop up on spells with procs). For instance, you can set it so that TV and WoG gain the spell alert border when you have 3 holy power. In addition, it can dispay your holy power count right on the abilities that consume holy power. No need for a separate holy power display.

By default, for instance, when your target casts an interruptable ability, it will flash the spell alert border on your Rebuke.

Basically it lets you get rid of all the excess crap that weakauras and such puts on your screen, and elegantly lets you watch just one area for cooldowns, buffs/debuffs that are tied to abilities, holy power count, spell alerts for even things like interrupts, 3 holy power (configurable) etc.

It doesn't just work for paladins, but for every class. You can also do things like have it fade out abilities if you are below a certain rage level for instance. Like maybe you want heroic strike to appear unavailable if your rage is below a certain point.

Anyways, it doesn't replace everything that can be done with weakauras, but for what it does, it kicks the crap out of weakauras.
So these addons are all compatible, right? I still haven't logged on to give them a whirl just yet but I'm planning on trying CLCRet, Weakauras, Bartender, and IceHUD like all at the same time.

There's no horrible flaw with my brilliant idea, is there?
Addon compatability isn't really an issue in this game like it is in, say, Skyrim.

Another one that does not appear to have been mentioned, but doesn't do anything specific or unique for Ret, is Deadly Boss Mods. It puts up a bunch of warnings, markers, and gives other useful information about specific mechanics in boss encounters. It can be incredibly obtrusive when you first start using it; I remember being very irritated with it when I first started running it, all the weird, seemingly random flashy crap all over my screen. But, now that I've been using it for many years, its warnings are just a natural part of any encounter to me, and the tracking bars it puts up are very useful in timing burst cycles such that I don't pop Wings right before a timed phase change.

Highly recommend you work with this one in five-mans first, so you can become familiar and comfortable with it before going into a raid.
i posted a similar question about tracking 4 piece bonus in another thread. but i think i will try weak auras when i have more time to set it up before raid next week.

thanks guys!
Well, I suck at working add-ons, I've found out today.

But I did finally get at least on thing done, and that's setting up weakauras to tell me that my tier bonus is active. Does anyone know the sound file location for Divine Purpose? I'm trying to give it a sound effect to notify me as well and I'd like it to be Divine Purpose's, but I have no idea where I'd even start looking.

As for CLCRet, I couldn't figure out how to work that - at least WA has a tutorial, couldn't find anything for CLCRet. Although couldn't I just use WA to track Inq and my trinket procs, as well? Thus making CLCRet useless to me?

I'll try and see if I can work it, wish me luck.

Edit: I tried setting up a progress texture bar in WA for Inquisition - and it works fine for like the first 45 seconds, but then the damn thing disappears entirely the moment it hits 15 seconds left (which would be fine if it was a static image that said hey your Inq's active right now but since I want it to be a moving progress bar I need it to stay for the whole duration). Helppls
10/30/2013 06:20 PMPosted by Kaehlen
Although couldn't I just use WA to track Inq and my trinket procs, as well?

Essentially, yes.

What's giving you problems with CLCRet, though? Is it trying to configure the aura buttons for trinket procs/burst CDs?

EDIT: Found it! This is the video that introduced me to those functions of the addon:
I'll take a look at that video in the morning, but suffice it to say my UI is a mess right now, lol.

It is gonna be a long while before I'm competent in combat again.
Yeah, took me all raid last night to get IceHUD sorted, futzing with it during trash and all.

And it took much longer when I was first customizing my UI, so just keep at it until you find a setup that works well for you and your needs. Do your configuring at Shrine or in SW, as different addons can have different functions that you may not notice if you don't have something targeted/aren't in combat.
I just use Inline Aura. It trumps all those silly buff/debuff trackers out there by letting you track your own buffs/debuffs right on the ability buttons that apply them.

After reading your description, and trying it out myself... are my WoW hero! Thank you so much for pointing out this add-on!
People are going to recommend the standard ones, so I'll let them do that, but one that I find very useful is called ExtraCD. I use it to track the ICD and proc chance of my trinkets, which means I can time my ES right if a buff is about to fall off or a trinket is about to come off CD.
WeakAuras is absolutely amazing... that alone made my Inq uptime go from pretty bad (usually between 75-85%), to good (95+) (And yes, you can call me bad, w/e).

Other than that I don't really think any other addons are truly necessary (except arguably OmniCC)

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