ELVUI and world map

UI and Macro
Every time I hit "m" for world map an error comes up saying "elvui has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI"

anyway to get rid of this other than disabling elvui.
Update it once the author of elvui gets around to updating it ?

5.4.1 kinda sprung a ninja change on the addon authors that I don't think Blizzard even told them about

Give it a few days before using it again. Disable until then.
As of this morning ElvUI has been updated for 5.4.1. Tested it out this morning before work, and it fixed all the error messages.
Just to note, if you're like me and you use curse client; the part that you have to get through curse isn't the part that needs to be up to date, you have to manually download ElvUI from TukUI and replace the ElvUI_config and ElvUI folders in your wow addon folder. As of this post ElvUI is v6.75 and I don't have the map issue.

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