DPS Endless Proving Ground Tips?

Death Knight
What's up Broknights and...Dark Sisters...or whatever it is you ones with the not-so-deep voices call yourselves these days, I come to you today soliciting discussion on the Endless Mode of DPS Proving Grounds.

Just got through with my first attempt at it and made it to I think wave 15, the second go-round with the banana-tosser, healer, and medium-size Sha. I killed him right as the timer hit 1 second on my end, but apparently it was just a hair too late.

Anybody have any tips for this? I'll go through what I think I need to change:

1) Glyphs. For sure, Glyph of Dark Succor isn't doing anything for me, since you don't take damage and I don't even think the monsters count for the glyph's effect anyway. I'm also not so sure about the Glyph of Regenerative Magic, since again, you're not taking damage, and I didn't see an opportunity to use it for Runic Power anyway.

So my first inclination would be to replace Dark Succor with Swift Death, since as a melee having that extra run speed is SO GOOD, and Soul Reaper is overpowered for Proving Grounds imo; just set up the DoTs and ensure a kill, put up Soul Reaper, then start running for the next target. That would also really help to reach Banana-tossers faster.

Any other Glyphs I should use?

2) Talents. My first issue is with Plague Leech. It's great for PvE content, but I'm not so sure about Proving Grounds. Especially considering that if I use the Soul Reaper-run-to-next-target strat, I can't remove diseases as that is the only source of damage other than the Soul Reaper. Sure, Soul Reaper would kill the target, but here I'm using SR for it's buff effect, not the damage. So I'm thinking to switch that to Unholy Blight, which would be great for the virmen waves or just to alleviate some of the pressure of target-switching.

Also pretty sure that Death's Advance is a must-have, as well as Remorseless Winter.

3) Gear? This one is pretty up-in-the-air. I haven't done challenge modes, but I understand that you usually go gather up a bunch of gear that is perfectly itemized, regardless of ilvl, since you're dropped to 463 anyway. Any tips there?

Also please take this as an opportunity to humble-brag about your excursions into Proving Grounds. Up, up, and away!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soulreaper generally is not that great at this point for DW Frost. I'd really suggest being 2 handed Frost and not DW so your solo dps goes up. Solo DW Frost is a deficit compared. Currently both Obliterate and SR are practically on the chopping block dps wise for DW. Also your aoe trinket may hurt you depending for that stuff since most of the time the adds are not near enough to each other to really take advantage of it's aoe. Really apples to oranges. But really I'd suggest 2 handed.
I like your transmog and your words.
Don't get your hopes on the transmog. It's changing cause I felt like seeing my dk's face for a little. Tier 14 time.

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