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I'm trying to capture the Snowy Owl. I checked here for info. Grarn wrote: Only for summer bass and winter squid. For the battle pets, Azeroth's season are the same as Norther Hemisphere seasons. The snowy owl will show up Dec 21st to March 21st.

Does anyone know the actual spawn dates for this owl? I had heard it was from November 1 and lasted approximately 3 months.

According to that, it starts appearing in November.
They begin spawning on the first day of winter and stop spawning the first day of spring.
Thanks. I saw that info too. It must be on a long spawn timer, or maybe spawn in the morning hours. Not sure......
This is interesting.

I'm gonna keep looking tonight. Thanks everyone.
"They changed it. They show up Dec. 21, on the Winter Solstice. I thought the same thing last Winter, but waited to see, and yes, they DO show up in Dec., not Nov."
I will capture it the first day
And they have an extremely long respawn timer as well... unfortunately.
WOW. Waraila, you have almost all the pets, achievements, etc... Very impressive. Very cool indeed. Looks like I'll have to go X-mas shopping on December 21 for this owl.
It changed this year to December 31st.

Comments on WoWhead include a GM confirmation that they're changing season spawns to match real world season change dates (at least to what the season is in the Northern hemisphere) starting with the summer pet.

I too wasted time looking for the little bugger before looking up the comments and realizing it changed.
Long spawn timer, but don't get discouraged. It's not minfernal bad. In fact, when it's actually up, compared to a lot of the other pets its relatively easy to find (not like the monkey that it has to be raining for, or minfernal, or unborn valk).
I have those 3 pets you speak of, just need the owl now to get 2 more achievements. Can't wait to get it.

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