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I don't think anyone wants to say it is ever acceptable. Still, people will do it because it's the internet and they can. Unless others work to create consequences for such things, people will continue to do them.
...about verbally abusive players? I was just in a dungeon and the healer kept dying. I made a wise crack about it as a joke (and I wasn't the only one) and one of them decided to attack my mother.

It really depends on the situations, Nekro. In cases where inappropriate language is used is fairly black and white, but other interactions are not always so.

If you believe someone is using inappropriate or harassing language or subject matter please use the right click report option (Report For: Language). That will place the person on a temporary ignore list as well as send your report up for review.

It is usually important not to engage in further discussion with them, as mutually combative situations will limit what actions our In-Game Support staff may be able to take.


How's my driving? Click me.
Report them and put them on ignore. You shouldn't be grouped with them ever again since they are on your ignore list. Only issue with this, the limit to the amount of people you can have on the ignore list with all the interactions you have with people from other servers thanks to DF, LFR, CRZ, and now Combined Realms.
i just /ignore verbally abusive players

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