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I need to know if this can still be done currently, if so how?
I have been soloing different old raids and lots of the feedback on the forums has helped a lot, after posting I was able to down Festergut so easily, I couldn't believe I had failed before. I am hoping that someone has a descent strategy on how to do this...

Currently, on youtube, the clips don't really explain much, and I can't figure out how to actually heal her? I have heard rumors of using the NPC priest, and blood worms, I just don't see how this will work- any helpful strategy advice greatly appreciated Thanks
Though I've never done it, someone else has said they have a couple of very weak 1h weapons that they swap into for this fight (more weapon swings = more blood worms), and the worms heal the dragon.

I've never done it, feels like that would just take way too damn long, I have my wife or a friend just bring a healer since it takes like 3 minutes on a 90.
Very much soloable in 10 man, I do it weekly. Check mmo-champ forums for the DK solo thread 3.0, the strat is on the first page.
Buy the one hand swords at the area where you killed saurfang. There should be vendors in that area after he dies. You shall be healing the boss with blood worms so you auto attack the minions (auto attack only unless you feel there are to many adds up and nuke the adds that that reduce healing). Right before the minions die hit them with soul reaper for 50% more haste and continue hacking away at the undead faces.

How to do Valithria?

You equip two very fast weapons (items with a speed around 1.6 is what you want to aim for, generally old caster swords, anything below 2.0 is fine), as well as all of your stamina gear. (Bloodworms' healing only scales with your health.)
Your goal is to keep hitting the mobs as much as you can so you proc bloodworms. Don't go too far away from Valithria or the bloodworms won't heal her. You can generally ignore applicating diseases (they would kill the mobs too quickly), and Heart Strike is your friend for more chances to proc.
Kill Liches and Suppressers first, everything else is second priority compared to these (even the blazing skeletons, as they do not deal damage to Valithria)
The Glyph of Death Coil can be of use, but it's pretty minor and not mandatory.

Basically what was said above.

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