Thorim unable to be solo'd?

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Lately I've been wanting to solo Ulduar 25 for the ability to test my skills in more areas. And for chances at Mimiron's Head, but I digress. My problem is this: The only boss I am unable to solo due to mechanics is Thorim. Everyone else up until him has fallen to my blade (or rather, fire). I figured there had to be some way to use class mechanics to get to him, so I went to the youtubes and lo and behold, I found a way. Unfortunately, it seems that this method of soloing him has been fixed, as when he resets, the Iron Giant now despawns instead of following you into the arena.

My main questions are these: Has anyone else noticed this same thing when attempting to solo Thorim (if anyone else even bothers to do this), and are there any plans to make him more solo-friendly in the future at some point? As it stands it's looking like I will have to pull someone in to AFK in the arena while I fight him, which doesn't really appeal to me, because I solo content to have a fun challenge and to see what I can accomplish on my own, rather than having to bring someone in for a single fight and then kick them to the curb when it's over.
While I do not have a Warlock, I know that this fight is solo-able as the warrior class by using a "Dummy" mechanic.

This mechanic entails leaving something that can engage the mobs within the arena while you go inside the tunnel.

If you are a warlock I suggest using your pets Go To/Stay/Defend commands to have him stay inside the arena while you go into the tunnel.

My memory on how to solo Thorim is foggy because solo'ing him requires you to think outside the box in such a way that it feels like you're doing something that you aren't supposed to be doing. If you would like more indepth guides on how to solo him, youtube is your friend, and while I'm not sure there are any warlock guides, I know there are some warrior guides that I'm sure a warlock could emulate to successfully solo this boss. However, I will include what I remember of the basic strategy that I used to solo him a while back.

  • Be sure to have something that you can utilize to be able to quickly travel from POINT A to POINT B. From a Warlock's Point of view, I know that your Demonic Gateways can be used to provide you with such a move speed boost.
  • Be sure to have proper knowledge of how to position your "Psuedo-Player" (in example, the Warrior's Mocking Banner). In a Warlocks case, being able to use your pets Go-To/Defend/Stay/Come to Me commands (I'm not sure of the exact names of these). Proper use of these abilities are required to effectively "bait" the mechanics off the fight to prevent it from "check-mating"/killing you.
  • Remember the names of the hostile NPC's that are in the arena at the start of the fight

  • The names of these NPC's are:
  • Jormungar Behemoth
  • Captured Mercenary Captain
  • Captured Mercenary Soldier

  • Overview
    The biggest hurdle of solo'ing Thorim is being able to have a way of being in "two places at once" at a specific moment in time. By doing this you can "bait" the fight to allow you to proceed with only one player. Another way that you can think of this is that you need to:

    Create two separate presences that are able to engage NPC's at a specific moment in time

    Phase 1
    At the start of the fight you will want to engage one of the mobs, and then promptly run over to the lever by the door and begin to activate it. It will take about 5 to 7 seconds, so be patient.
    When the door opens you will want to run to the opposite end of the hallway as fast as you can and tag the miniboss golem and then run back out of the tunnel as fast as you can, run all the way out of the tunnel to the center of the arena to avoid the giant ball of lightning that one shots you, shortly after you reach the center of the arena, you will see the giant ball of lightning come out of the tunnel, and everything will then despawn.

    At this point you will want to count to 5 and then summon your psuedo-player (such as a void walker or something that can AoE taunt adds and bring them over to you) and then run back into the tunnel. The collective sum of all the adds that are taunted to you need to be kept alive. as you make your way through the tunnel.

    If the collective sum of the arena adds dies, the game will declare that no one is currently in the arena or everyone in the arena has died and then Thorim will say that you are unworthy and shoot his ball of lightning through the tunnel and kill you.

    The above is why you need to remember the names of the hostile NPC's that follow you into the tunnel from the Arena.

    PHASE 2
    If you are at this point, it is assumed you have made it into the arena after dodging the ball lightning, and baited the hostile NPCs from the arena into the tunnel with you.

    At this point you want to make your way through the tunnel at whatever pace you see fit while making sure to not kill off all of the Arena NPCS. Proceed with normal execution of the tunnel area until you reach the long hallway where you see Thorim standing at the end overlooking the arena.

    PHASE 3
    This is the trickiest part of the encounter. You might experience many frustrating and failed attempts which ultimately require you to hearth out as you go through trial and error.

    As you make your way through the trapped hallway with a couple of the Arena adds still on your tail, begin to make your way cautiously through to the end. Once you get to about 20 yards from Thorim, or within max range on him to hit him with a spell. You want to kill off your add.

    At this point, after you kill your add, he will start to yell the "YOU FAILED" speech. A few short moments later you will see that he becomes attackable if you mouse your cursor over him. Attack him at this point and he will jump down and the fight will immediately become hardmode.

    Nuke him down as normal from here.

    Congratulations you just solo'd thorim.
    Im an idiot. I must have not read the part of your post where you said the Golem despawns.

    If that golem despawns as you run from the ball lightning the way I explained above, it seems that solo'ing thorim in that way is impossible.

    I haven't tried to solo him for a long time now. So your guess is as good as mine.
    Just tried it. If nothing else, 25-man is temperamental in a way that 10-man isn't at all. My first try, Thorim bowled me the moment I aggroed him atop the platform. Second try, the lightning ball was triggered far too early in the gauntlet. Third try, the portcullis fell much earlier than it does in 10. Weird stuff like that.

    I'll keep at it when I have time this weekend.
    As a Frost Mage, for the past two weeks I've tried soloing him on 10man (having my pet stay in the arena). By the time I get up to the golem, it depsawns and the lightning ball of death flies down the hallway and the fight resets. Seems it's not possible to solo unless you pull off some very funky stuff to try to bug it A.K.A "Clever use of in-game mechanics".
    In the end I just had a friend AFK in the arena for me while I killed him. Once I was able to get to the end of the gauntlet it was a really simple fight to be honest. It's just getting to him solo that's the problem.

    I did try leaving my voidlord in the arena while I went down the hall and found that it did not work, which is why I originally wondered if bringing in just one person would work, but it did. I originally figured that you needed more than one person in the arena on 25 man in order for the events to trigger properly since my voidlord didn't work, but it seems that it needs to be an actual player in the arena in order to keep the fight from bugging out on you. I do have to say though, some of the fights in Ulduar are very interesting to solo, particularly Freya and Vezax. Currently progressing on solo Yogg with no keepers, wish me luck.

    @Astraeus I did some pretty crazy things with burning rush and warlock portals that I only did once before during the Kanrethad fight, but when the lightning ball spawned, regardless of if I had aggro on the Iron Giant or not, it would still despawn, so I don't believe that it can be truly solo'd at the moment.
    I solo it every week. You should be able to very easily since you have controllable pets.
    Necro'ing because I was able to solo it tonight, even with the despawning giant. Here's what I did:

    1. Kill the adds in the arena and open the gate.
    2. Run in the gate far enough to trigger the fight failure and make Thorim cast the spark, then run back into the arena to avoid the spark, running back into the hallway before the gate closes while leaving my pet in the arena.
    3. Once the fight resets, kill one mob with my elemental and resummon it. The remaining arena mobs will run through the gate and you'll run to where the rune giant is. As soon as you kill all of the arena mobs the fight will start and the rune giant in front of the door will become attackable. You now have until Thorim finishes his roleplay with Sif to kill both door giants and hit Thorim with an attack, and jump down.
    4. Once he jumps down you can kill him like normal.

    In order to complete the part I underlined in time, I had to use Glyph of Blink, Glyph of Rapid Displacement, Blazing Speed, and a Swiftness Pot. You also have to pretty much be able to one-shot the door giants; at 576 ilvl it was easy for me, but they only have 140k health or so on 10-man so a lesser geared mage can also do it if you have a couple of FoF/BR procs ready to go as soon as the first giant because attackable. You can guarantee FoF procs by using your pet's freeze on the arena mobs. After I killed the first giant I immediately blinked through the door as soon as it started opening, angling myself so I'd end up a little up the stairs. I then popped the swiftness pot, used my FoF proc to kill the giant guarding the upper door, Blazing speed as soon as I got through it, then blink to cover the last bit of ground to hit Thorim before he finished his roleplay. I jumped down and a moment later he jumped down with me, and then I finished the fight.

    Here's a video of Nobbel soloing Thorim with rocket boots from engineering.
    The Wowhead comments for Thorim are *full* of explanations on how to solo Thorim, and were even when this thread was new.
    01/20/2014 03:16 AMPosted by Alynnesong

    Here's a video of Nobbel soloing Thorim with rocket boots from engineering.

    Yup, this strat didn't work for me because the Runic Colossus would despawn as soon as Thorim cast his death spark, which is the same problem the OP was having. That's why I necro'd the thread, because I figured out how to overcome the despawn and wanted to say it was still possible, although perhaps not by every class.

    01/20/2014 07:03 AMPosted by Breathkeeper
    The Wowhead comments for Thorim are *full* of explanations on how to solo Thorim, and were even when this thread was new.

    Yes, but all of the strats on WoWhead comments section are based on the runic colossus not despawning between resets. My comment is the only one that specifically deals with the runic colossus despawning.
    Just spent the better part of 3 hours trying to solo this.
    Even with glyphed aspect,post haste and a sped pot its just not quick enough.
    To be fair I was only sometimes one shotting the golem things but my best attempt had me dead at the front of thorims feet.It also seems you have until the end of thorims speech, not Sifs ( i could be wrong about that) as I was getting as stated either parallel or in front of his feet.
    heres hoping I pick up some upgrades tomorrow night in SoO.
    Just seems alittle rough to be one movement CD short, damn me picking aesthetics over a useful racial.
    I think they hotfix him. I did with my lock today. The golem add despawn and when he respawn he can't be attack unless the event starts... :/
    02/14/2014 03:57 PMPosted by Ghaghzull
    I think they hotfix him. I did with my lock today. The golem add despawn and when he respawn he can't be attack unless the event starts... :/

    Thats how its been working for atleast the last 5 weeks. The golem is only attackable after the arena mobs are dead.
    I think you are suppose to use your portal when you can open the door, then de-spawn the event. After you re-engage the encounter, immediately teleport through the gate and go to thorium
    I did a method on my Mage just now similar to the one I do on my Brewmaster, except minus Transcend and plus a Pet instead. As frost.

    >> Kill guys in center.
    >> Open gate.
    >> Run and aggro the gate colossus. Try not to kill him. I ice-lanced him without legendary cloak on.
    >> Run back to room to avoid lightning ball.
    >> Re-enter gauntler, leave pet in room.
    >> Thorim room respawns.
    >> Pet attacks Jormungar and Captain once each (probably unnecessary to attack both)
    >> Re-summon pet.
    >> Kill colossus.
    >> Kill next colossus.
    >> Go near Thorim but not close enough to engage him yet.
    >> Kill all the bottom-room stuff to initiate Thorim RP.
    >> Spam Ice Lance on Thorim until it works.
    >> The second it works, pop Blazing Speed and Blink past him / jump off platform.
    Worked perfectly.
    or you can get that trinket that summon a terracotta warrior to do the tanking for you it is like the best trinket ever

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