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Well met

Some of the admins from WoWWiki are going to Blizzcon, they have press passes and as such will have the opportunity to ask Blizzard some questions. So if you have a question that you want answered leave a comment here and I'll forward it on!

Selama Ashal'anore!

my question is:

I think it's cool that they made wands main weapons instead of stat boosters like the past...but why are they not adding any cool wands to the game? it's literally become a staff fest. boring.
Will the in-game holidays ever be revamped, or more added?

It's only a small thing yes, but one I'd like to know.
Will we ever see a mentoring system come around?
Wowwiki? Don't care after they shoved all that craptastic malware into people's computers through not screening ads.

Now if the Wowpedia people are going, as in the ones who care about more than ad revenue, then that's different.
My Question:

Will we see a normal flex raid in the future? Our guild has around 13-17 people on during raid nights so we do flex raids, so we don't have to sit anyone. While flex is fun, a lot of people like normal because of the ilvl gear. Will we see a flex with normal ilvl difficulty?
Will they add a grouping tool like oQueue into the game.

How about in-game guild forums? Guilds need more tools to make them vibrant.
Most of these questions have been copied to WoWWiki. If you want to increase the likelihood your question will get asked, you should go to WoWWiki and identify your question here:

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