[H-RP] Megabucks Trading Company -Goblin RP

Moon Guard
It's been a pleasure working with Mokrul and Danarco so far! Support for dis thread. :)
Bombs, bombs everywhere!
Giving this a bit of a nudge up, We are really a wonderful group of people ^_^
This just in! Megabucks is still open to all for application!... also I need people to test new bombs out on >.>...
I have had nothing but great interactions with this guild! All Goblins should go to them!


*blesses everyone in the thread*
Just joined these guys...

Already love them.
*makes evil, wiggly fingers at thread*
Security, Enforcement, Extortion....we do it all!
Grats on 3 years guys!
Woot! Best guild evars, glad to join it
I've seen you megabucks!
I have nothing else to say,.. lol

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