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When exactly does it take place in the Warcraft Timeline?

The Dark Portal has to have been opened (to allow Human Settlements and Garrisons), and yet, there is no terraforming into Outland yet (which was caused by the Dark Portal opening).

Not only that, but the first Human settlements don't start until the events of Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal (as they never had opportunity to get past the Horde before then), and by then, Outland was well on its way to taking over Draenor.

So, when does it take place?
no terraforming into Outland yet (which was caused by the Dark Portal opening).

(which was caused by the Dark Portal opening).

Dark Portal

When exactly does it take place in the Warcraft Timeline?

it takes place after pandaria

it just involves an alternate past being connected with our present
I believe they stated 30 years ago in Warcraft time.
The Draenor we go to is 2 years before the Orcs were to drink the blood of Mannoroth I believe.
After Gul'Dan starts talking with Kil'Jaden but before the formation of the Shadow Council and the drinking of Mannoroths Blood.

They said Gul'Dan does drink the blood, but I could have sworn on the livestream they said it was 2 years before that event.

Anyway, doesn't matter. It's around that general time period.
I seriously hope that Blizzard implements a spreadsheet of how this is going to work time wise so these threads stop.

And I wish people would take the time to read the other posts about this where it's already explained...

just sayin'
our present(right now)

Draenor's past(35 years ago before the opening of the dark portal, before the demons got the orcs hopped up on demon juice)
From what I understand, Garrosh went to the version that was 2 years before the drinking of the Demon Blood. After 2 years of conniving and building up the war machines, he opens the Dark Portal to our time, in which only a few days/weeks/months have passed since Garrosh left. This is the point in Draenor's time that we end up going to, and in our time would have been when the Orc's drank the demon blood. This is why Gul'dan is already green, while the other Warlords aren't.

Basically, Garrosh has aged ~2 years in comparison to us for the purposes of the story.
It takes place 35 years ago, before the orcs were corrupted by demons blood.
Since quite a few people are complaining about it and misrepresenting the plot of this latest xpac. I figure that an explanation is probably needed on here.

This expansion is not a time travel expansion.

Remember those words, you'll be better off for it. The biggest complaint seems to be that time travel is "gimicky" and that all our work will be "undone" and more importantly it will follow the same tired tropes of trying to "fix" the timeline and create paradoxes.

It wont, it's giving you needless stress if you think it will. Time travel serves as a tool in this expansion. It is ONLY going to be used once and once alone: by Garrosh Hellscream.

Garrosh goes back in time to old Draenor, when he believed the Horde was at it's "purest" (all Orcs, no demon corruption) with the help of a certain someone from the bronze Dragonflight. What he intends to do, is recreate the Horde without demon's blood, give them his more modern weaponry, conquer Draenor, and then move onto OUR azeroth.

Time in this series, is not linear. The basic idea is that time is like a river, and even if you go back to the source and try to change things around, you'll simply be creating another pathway for the water of that river to take. That is what Garrosh does, he doesn't change our present at all by going to the past, he creates a brand new present for himself.

Imagine it like this: Guy A and Guy B are good friends in 2013 on prime earth (prime being -our- earth), they're about as brotherly as it can get. Guy C comes along, and has a special hatred for Guy B. Guy C goes back in time, to before Guy A and Guy B met, grabs Guy A, and brainwashes him into becoming a vicious killer. This doesn't change -prime- earth (once more, our earth) but creates a new one known as -beta- earth. By 2013 of beta earth, Guy A has successfully killed Guy B, and now Guy C is trying to bring Guy B to -prime- earth to kill the "real" Guy A (not go forward in time, jump from beta earth to prime earth).

Is Guy B not affected? Nope, he has a crazed serial killer that looks like his friend coming after him. Can Guy B go back in time and "stop" this? Nope, what's done is done, all he would succeed in accomplishing is creating another universe which could lead to even more headaches.

That is the basic premise, Garrosh created a new universe which is trying to break into our universe and conquer us. He is doing this out of pure SPITE. This is an issue that can't be resolved by trying to "fix" the past or create paradoxes. In this universe, the bad guy has pretty much won. The Iron Horde is created, Draenor isn't blown up, and no amount of time travel will EVER fix what Garrosh has done.

We can't and WONT change the past in this expansion. What we -will- be doing, is trying to keep their present from becoming our present. The danger is very real, after all this is a conquering army attempting to take over our world. It would be like if the Alternate Universe Mongol Empire (with modern weaponry and training) were turning their eyes on our planet. We wouldn't be able to stop this with time travel, we would have to fight them off here and now.

Hope that cleared things up. Garrosh isn't tinkering with our past and we aren't going back to stop him. He created a new universe and is trying to bring some grand army into our universe. There will be no plot points about creating paradoxes, and this wont end in us returning to status quo, this universe is a new thing, and it's connected to our own.

So relax. Don't stress out too much about time travel. Have fun and enjoy the ride.

Simply put everyone.

Garrosh went back to Draenor before the orcs drank demon blood and stopped them from doing so. Garrosh gave them modern weaponry and united the orc clans together, the united orc clans (excluding Frostwolf) now call themselves the Iron Horde.

In Draenor B's timeline, Draenor never exploded and Outland was never created.

We are not going into the past. The Draenor we are going to is modern Draenor, if it never exploded. We're not time traveling, we're experiencing an alternate universe that is the result of time travel.

If it's say, November 3rd 2013 on Azeroth, it's November 3rd 2013 on Draenor B.

The Draenei of Draenor/Outland/Azeroth A were slaughtered by demon crazed orcs. The Draenei of Draenor/Outland/Azeroth B were not slaughtered, because the orcs never drank demon blood.

This is where the time travel comes into play. Only Garrosh went back in time. Garrosh has actually been on Draenor B for years, uniting and improving the orc clans, by the time we get there. I'm curious if we'll end up seeing an older version of Garrosh.

At least, this is how I interpret it. I like the story a lot.

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